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Holiday Activities for a Parent with Alzheimer’s

As your mom's Alzheimer's progresses, you've changed your holiday activities. Home Care in Havertown, PA can help ease these changes.
Home Care in Havertown

Your mom has Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s changing what you usually do during the holidays. You want to include your mom in family activities this holiday, but you’re not sure what works best. Here are a few ideas.


Music is often one thing that everyone with Alzheimer’s loves. Furthermore, even as the disease progresses, the recognition of music never fades. Go caroling together. You could use this to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association if you want, or just do it for fun. Dress for the weather and head out.

If you want to stay indoors, by all means, contact some local assisted living communities to see if you could hold a small concert for the residents. Many welcome events such as these to help their residents stay engaged.

Holiday Baking

Without a doubt, baking is a great activity for people with dementia. Guide your mom through the steps and give her tasks that aren’t complex. For example, your mom could knead the dough. It strengthens her fingers and helps her work on fine motor skills.

You could also have your mom do the initial icing coat on sugar cookies or sprinkle edible glitter on cupcakes. Ask her about her favorite Christmas treats as a child, and include them in your plans. If she has a recipe box, pull some of her cherished recipes from that to make this year.

Movie Nights

Put on short holiday movies or shows and watch them together. Purchase or make some of your mom’s favorite movie snacks. In fact, if you know she loved chocolate-covered raisins and popcorn at the movies. Get those for the movie night.


Get a jigsaw puzzle that’s not too difficult, and work on it together. Set it up at a dining room table, so it is accessible to all. Your mom and others will work on the puzzle from time to time. It’s always fun to see how much gets filled in from one day to the next.

As it can be hard to tell what will be too difficult for your mom, and not hard enough, purchase a set with different piece counts. There are also collections with puzzles ranging from 250 pieces to 2,000 pieces. You cover all difficulty levels with these collections.


Go sledding together. Choose a hill with a rope tow to help keep her from having to walk all the way. Or, choose a shorter hill that isn’t hard to walk to the top. Undoubtedly, she’ll have a lot of fun sliding down to the bottom with her grandkids or great-grandkids.

Are you taking breaks as often as you need? Home care aides provide respite care services to ensure you can step away to run errands, have a day off, stay home when you’re sick, or go for a walk. Learn more about the cost of respite care services by talking to a home care advisor.

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