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Four Routine Care Appointments Seniors Should Make Right Now

It's important seniors keep up with routine medical care. Home Care Assistance in Ardmore, PA can help them make these four appointments now.
Home Care Assistance in Ardmore

Seniors who are aging in place may not always keep up with their routine medical care like they should. It’s common for seniors to let routine care appointments slide due to transportation or forgetting. Often, if seniors aren’t experiencing a problem, they won’t call a doctor. Early detection can often allow doctors to treat a problem before it becomes serious or causes permanent damage. That’s why seniors should make these routine care right now if they haven’t yet had these appointments this year:

An Eye Appointment

If it’s been a year or more since your senior loved one had their vision checked, now is the time to schedule a vision screening. Seniors can experience many changes to their vision in a year. Likewise, a vision screening can also reveal any signs of potential vision problems, like cataracts or macular degeneration. If your senior loved one needs help getting to their appointments or scheduling their appointments, home care assistance can help. With home care assistance, seniors don’t have to worry about things like transportation to routine medical appointments, shopping, or housekeeping.

A Hearing Check

Hearing loss isn’t inevitable as seniors get older. There are also some things seniors experiencing hearing loss can do to prevent that hearing loss from getting worse. But seniors need to know what their hearing level is now, so they can track any future hearing loss. Getting a hearing check may not be at the top of the list when it comes to your senior parent’s priority list, but they should still get a hearing check at least once a year. Likewise, since many doctors are scheduling appointments far in advance, the best time to call and make an appointment is now.

A Dental Cleaning

Seniors should have dental cleanings twice a year, especially if they have medical conditions like diabetes, but they need to get in for at least one cleaning each year. Schedule a dental cleaning for your senior loved one to avoid a dental emergency or toothache. Regular dental cleanings give seniors the best chance to keep their own teeth as they get older. Regular dental cleanings also help seniors avoid serious illnesses caused by dental infections.

A Cancer Screening 

Many cancers can be successfully treated if caught early. Getting a cancer screening once a year to check for common cancers in seniors, like breast cancer or prostate cancer, is essential for seniors. Early detection and treatment gives seniors the best chances to beat cancer. If your senior loved one has been putting off a cancer screening, do what you can to convince them they should get a cancer screening right away.

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