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How to Start the Day as a Senior

Starting the day is difficult, but it's especially true for seniors. But, seniors must have a routine. Elder Care in Havertown, PA can help.
Elder Care in Havertown

Aging can be challenging, and as a person grows older, they may start doing less and less. It can be hard to want to start the day. Likewise, a senior may not know how to start the day now that they don’t do as much. However, it can be super important to keep on a regular schedule and routine. If they struggle to do this by themselves, it may be time to find elder care to help them during the day or even part-time. Here are five good ways to encourage your elderly loved one to start the day.

Open Up The Curtains and Let the Light In
The elderly should have drapes and shades made of transparent materials, so as not to impede natural light. Morning sunshine helps in a more gradual awakening, lessening the likelihood of fatigue and grogginess. The “natural light approach” of waking up is fantastic for senior health, since sunshine stimulates vitamin D production in the body.

Use Protein to Wake Up
Seniors may also find it easier to get up and go with the support of a protein-rich breakfast. Restricting your intake of processed carbs, such as breads and cereals, can help prevent sugar surges and subsequent fatigue. If your senior needs help cooking or meal prep, certain elder care providers can help with this. Making the right diet choices is one of the best ways to ensure a senior can age in place and stay healthy.

Start The Morning With Exercising
The benefits of exercise extend far beyond the maintenance of a trim waistline; they also contribute to maintaining strong bones, muscles, and equilibrium. Get your senior loved one moving every morning; a gym membership isn’t necessary. Your elderly family member can begin their day off to a good start with a quick stroll around the block that will get their heart rate up and their blood pumping.

Start the Day with a Big Cup of Water
Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning will help seniors replenish the fluids they lose during the night. The fatigue and drowsiness caused by dehydration may be fought off if you immediately start drinking the necessary eight glasses of water every day. The lymphatic system is kept in check, and the stomach is cleansed by drinking water first thing in the morning. Our immune systems may develop to their full potential with a healthy lymphatic system, protecting us from illness.

Always Stick to a Morning Routine
Establishing a regular morning routine, including getting up simultaneously every day, can help you get out of bed more easily. Assist your elderly parent or other loved one in developing a manageable routine. A consistent morning wake-up time will help keep your elderly loved one’s routines from becoming unbalanced. Find the right elder care provider to help get your senior up and moving. They are some of the best professionals who can keep your loved one on a daily routine. This may be boring, but it is actually helpful for a senior who wishes to age in place.

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