24-Hour Home Care

Better Care Home Health Services is a family-owned agency dedicated to providing excellent and comprehensive home health care to individuals and families of Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks counties. We are honored that God has blessed us with the opportunity to positively impact and change people’s lives. It is our mission to ensure that we provide the very best of care to our clients.

We offer an exceptional combination of home care and community-based social services. Our goal is to help your loved ones to continue to live safely and confidently in a familiar place they call home. Better Care provides care through caregivers who are trained and/or certified. We offer long-term, short-term, and live-in care.

As life gets busier, caring for an aging parent alone becomes nearly impossible. The constant needs for assistance, mobility help, or just having company can overwhelm anyone. But with 24-hour home care from Better Care Home Health Services, you can finally breathe easy.

Our team provides round-the-clock support so your loved one enjoys care and companionship in their own home. You gain peace knowing someone is always there attending to their needs.

Care That Truly Fits Your Schedule

At Better Care, we understand that no two people have the same needs. That’s why we offer flexible care plans tailored to your unique schedule and needs.

Part-Time Care

For those who just need a hand part of the day, our part-time caregivers can assist during select hours like mornings or evenings. We’ll be there to help your loved one get dressed, make breakfast, take medication, or prepare for bed. Part-time care provides just the right support so they can relish independence the rest of the day.

Full-Time Care

For those who require more extensive assistance, our full-time caregivers are there the entire day to help with dressing, bathing, meals, transportation, and anything else that arises. It allows your loved one to continue their treasured routines while getting necessary care.

And for those who need support around the clock, our 24/7 team is always on call, ready to assist day and night. This complete care brings peace of mind knowing someone is always available to help.

At Better Care, your customized care plan provides just the right level of support so you or your loved one can thrive. We adapt care as needs change over time.

Maintaining Independence and Dignity

Receiving 24-hour care doesn’t mean sacrificing independence – it should enhance it! Our caregivers empower you or your loved one to enjoy life’s simple joys whether that’s cooking favorite recipes, cheering on a beloved sports team, or video chatting with grandchildren.

We believe quality care should nurture what makes you uniquely you. Our team incorporates your personal history, interests, and likes into daily care. We’ll make your oatmeal just the way you prefer, know when you like nodding off to the evening news, and remind you of your bridge game with friends.

You guide all care decisions to maintain autonomy. Whether you prefer baths or showers, our team accommodates your wishes. If you want to sleep in or stay up late watching TV, your schedule rules the day. At Better Care, we adapt to your natural rhythms and desires, not the other way around.

Preserving individuality and dignity isn’t just about personal preferences – it’s also about respecting privacy. Our caregivers provide hands-on assistance discreetly, protecting modesty and sensitivity. We want you to feel cared for yet independent.

Better Care Home Health Services offers an exceptional combination of home care and community-based social services. Our goal is to help your loved ones to continue to live safely and confidently in a familiar place they call home.

Providing 24-Hour Home Care in Philadelphia, Germantown, Glenside, Elkins Park, Bryn Mawr, Roxborough, Wyncote, Broomall, Upper Darby, Yeadon, Lansdowne, Narberth, Wynnewood, Penn Wynne, Fairmount, Ardmore, and Chestnut Hill. We service all of Delaware, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties.

24-Hour Home Care | Philadelphia | Better Care Home Health Services

Assistance Designed for Daily Life

Getting quality help with daily activities makes all the difference in finding joy and simplicity each day. Our caregivers lend a hand with:

Personal Care

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Mobility assistance
  • Incontinence care
  • Grooming


  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Eating assistance as needed

Medication Management

  • Organizing medications
  • Reminders and administration
  • Coordinating with doctors

Household Upkeep

  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Changing bed linens
  • Organizing spaces


  • Conversation
  • Games, puzzles, reading
  • Support for hobbies
  • Transportation for outings

At Better Care, we handle the daily tasks with a caring touch so you or your loved one can simply enjoy each day. Our support means less stress and more freedom to participate in meaningful activities.

Better Care Home Health Services is a family-owned agency dedicated to providing excellent and comprehensive home health care to individuals and families.

24-Hour Home Care | Philadelphia | Better Care Home Health Services

Caring for Caregivers Too

We know first-hand the joys and challenges of caring for a parent yourself. The constant needs can overwhelm anyone, leading to stress and burnout. With our 24-hour assistance, you can finally prioritize your own well-being knowing your loved one is covered.

Our round-the-clock support means you don’t have to go it alone. Enjoy a full night’s sleep while our overnight caregiver handles any needs. Refresh and recharge while we provide companionship and safety during the day. Lean on us for heavy-duty care tasks so you can just spend quality time together.

At Better Care, we empower you to sustain your own health – mentally and physically. Take a walk, enjoy coffee with a friend, or relax with a good book, while we handle caregiving tasks. You deserve freedom from the constant strain of solo caregiving.

We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

Customizing Live-In Care

For seniors who require extensive round-the-clock care, live-in assistance brings convenience and comfort. Our live-in caregivers reside right in your home, providing attentive support day and night. This option allows your loved one to age happily at home rather than move to a facility.

We take time matching your loved one with a live-in caregiver who suits their personality and interests. They’ll become companions who share laughs over breakfast, watch favorite shows together in the evenings, and lend an ear during tender moments.

Our live-in team assists with all aspects of daily care from bathing to meal prep, medication management to mobility – whatever is needed. Their caring presence builds security and uplifted spirits. And as abilities change, they adapt care accordingly.

Round-the-clock live-in care means your loved one enjoys friendly care and companionship without losing their home and familiar surroundings. It brings you reassurance knowing someone trustworthy is there caring for them around the clock.

Discover Complete Care

At Better Care Home Health Services, we believe wholeheartedly in bringing comfort, joy, and assistance to those we care for. Our 24-hour services empower seniors to live life to the fullest on their own terms.

Contact us today to learn more about our flexible care options. Our devoted team stands ready to provide attentive care around the clock so you and your loved one can simply relish each day together.

Frequently Asked Questions About 24-Hour Home Care

On average, 24-hour home care can cost quite a bit. However, there are factors that can influence the overall cost, such as location, level of care needed, and any additional services required.

Yes, 24-hour home care services can be customized to meet your specific needs. You have the freedom to choose the level of care, schedule, and services that work best for you. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique.

Caregivers in 24-hour home care have extensive qualifications and training. They possess certifications and experience in providing personalized care. For example, they may have completed courses in medication administration and specialized training for conditions like dementia.

Yes, 24-hour home care services can be covered by insurance or Medicare, but it depends on your specific policy. We recommend contacting your insurance provider or Medicare to discuss coverage options.

Arranging 24-hour home care services can be done quickly, allowing you the freedom and peace of mind you deserve. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to ensure your needs are met promptly and efficiently.

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