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The Best Water Safety Tips For Seniors

Discover essential water safety tips for seniors and their 24-hour home care providers to ensure safe swimming in pools and at the beach.
24-hour home care can help seniors enjoy swimming safely.
24-hour home care can help seniors enjoy swimming safely.

Swimming is a great exercise for seniors. Whether they’re going to the beach in the summer or spending time at the pool, seniors get a lot of benefits from swimming. But seniors, 24-hour home care providers, and family caregivers need to take some precautions when swimming.

According to reports, the incidents of seniors drowning are on the rise. Drowning can happen quickly, and even seniors who are strong swimmers can find themselves in trouble quickly.

Here are some things that seniors and 24-hour home care or family caregivers should do to stay safe, whether swimming in a pool or at the beach:


Always Bring A Buddy

All swimmers should use the buddy system. Seniors who swim at the pool should have a buddy who checks on them periodically, and they should do the same for their buddy. When seniors are swimming at the beach, they should not go out in the water alone.

Seniors who love to swim should consider 24-hour home care services. With 24-hour home care, a buddy will always be available to swim with them no matter what time of day they want to swim.


Wear A Life Jacket

Seniors may not think about wearing a life jacket in a pool, but it’s a good idea. Seniors should always wear a life jacket if they’re swimming in open water or in a lake. A life jacket is the best defense a senior has against drowning. Life jackets can help tired seniors stay above the water if they get into trouble and need to wait for help. They also provide a little extra support that seniors may need to keep swimming.


Don’t Take Medication Before Swimming

Medications can cause drowsiness, confusion, and shortness of breath. Seniors should not take medications within an hour of going swimming. That way, there’s no risk that side effects could cause trouble for seniors in the water. If seniors aren’t sure if it’s ok to take medication before they go swimming, the best thing to do is call the doctor and ask. Seniors shouldn’t take risks when it comes to the water.

Seniors should also avoid swimming immediately after vaccinations, such as the flu vaccination, until they are sure there are no side effects that could impair their physical or mental ability. Safety first should always be the motto when it comes to the water.


Stop Before You’re Tired

Swimming feels easy and fun at first. But seniors can quickly get tired, especially if they are swimming in open water with a current. Seniors in a pool can also tire quickly if they’re swimming laps. Seniors should stop swimming before they get tired. Or when they are just starting to get tired.

By the time seniors feel tired, they’re already at risk of getting into trouble in the water. If seniors stop swimming before they are tired, they will have plenty of energy left to get back to shore safely or to get out of the pool safely. But if seniors wait until they’re tired to stop swimming, they may not have the physical stamina to get out of the water.



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