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5 Things Senior Home Care Does For Seniors

Senior care enables elderly individuals to live comfortably at home, providing assistance with daily tasks and household chores, even if they have medical conditions.
Senior care helps seniors age in place safely and comfortably with a range of support.
Senior care helps seniors age in place safely and comfortably with a range of support.

Senior care is a great solution for seniors who want to continue living at home as they get older. It gives your senior mom or dad the extra help they need around the house, and it gives you the peace of mind of knowing your mom or dad isn’t alone.

Seniors who have senior care can live comfortably at home, even if they have medical conditions that impact their ability to do daily tasks. That’s because a care provider can help your senior parent with a wide range of household chores and other tasks.

So, if your senior parent develops low vision, poor balance, arthritis, or even medical conditions like diabetes or Parkinson’s, they may still be able to remain in the familiar home that is comforting to them.

Senior care makes that possible by helping seniors with things like:


Staying Active

A senior care provider can encourage your senior parent to get as much movement as possible by helping them with chair-based exercises, walking around the house, and helping them with activities like physical therapy or occupational therapy. The more movement your senior parent gets, the healthier they will be.


Medication Reminders

Senior care providers can also help seniors remember to take their medications. If your senior parent forgets to take their medication or take the wrong dose, they could become very sick.

Senior care providers can manage your senior parent’s medications, ensure any needed refills are called into the pharmacy and picked up, and remind your senior parent to take their medications when appropriate.


Companionship and Emotional Support

Loneliness can be just as harmful to your mom or dad’s health as physical health conditions. But regular visits from a senior care provider can give your senior parent the companionship and social connection they need to stay healthy. Having consistent social engagement can also reduce the risk of your mom or dad developing mental health conditions like anxiety or depression.


Household Assistance

As seniors age, they almost always need help keeping the house clean and tidy. Household chores can be a lot of work, and they often involve repetitive tasks that can be painful for seniors.

A senior care provider can help your senior parent with household chores like taking out the trash, putting away groceries, sweeping, mopping, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, and other light housekeeping chores.


Cooking And Planning Meals

Meal planning is important to ensure that your senior parent is eating a balanced diet and getting enough nutrients. Cooking is something that many seniors find challenging. Having a senior care provider who can cook meals, clean up, prepare shopping lists, ensure the pantry and refrigerator are full, and prepare snacks for your senior parent is a fantastic way to ensure your senior parent isn’t skimping on meals.


Transportation Services

Seniors who no longer drive can have a hard time getting to medical appointments or out to run errands. They can use taxis or rideshares, but those types of transportation are often difficult for seniors to use. Seniors who use walkers or canes may have a hard time physically getting in and out of rideshare vehicles or taxis.

A senior care provider can take your senior parent to their medical appointments or other engagements so that they don’t have to go alone. Your senior parent will have safe, consistent, and comfortable transportation wherever they need to go.



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