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Fun Ways to Keep a Senior a Little More Active

Home care providers can help seniors stay active and independent through various activities, promoting their happiness and reducing stress.
Home care services can find creative ways to keep seniors active.
Home care services can find creative ways to keep seniors active.

Not all seniors can go running around the block or even walk around easily. Luckily, home care providers can use many activities to help a senior keep a little more active. When a senior moves around as much as possible, they are more likely to remain happy, independent, and stress-free.

So here are some activities that home care assistance can help encourage your loved one to do.


Do Puzzles!

Believe it or not, puzzles require a lot of movement. A senior must stand, reach, stretch, and bend over to connect the pieces. This will not only help them move around the house but also keep their brains active.

Have home care workers help put together a table where a senior can work on a weekly puzzle. This can be something they work on every day and give them great joy when they finish the puzzle!

If your senior mom or dad loves a challenge, they may want to do a 3D puzzle, which may involve much more movement than a traditional puzzle since they will be gluing pieces together.


Bingo With Friends

Bingo is mostly a sitting game, but when a senior has to get out of the house to go somewhere, it actually encourages a ton of movement.

Home care services can help a senior with transportation to a facility that hosts bingo nights. This is a fun way for seniors to meet their friends out of the house, and if they win big, they may jump up! It’s an easy way to get moving, stay busy, and see friends for the day.


Play Chess at The Park

Many parks have tables, and people can walk to them, sit down, and play a game with a stranger or friend. This is a fun way to get outside for the day and socialize while also moving and keeping their minds active. It is an easy way to find movement, and seniors may greatly enjoy it because it is not too hard on their bodies.

Home care providers can help seniors be active in many ways, including playing chess in the park. They need to go outside to stay healthy, and this is an easy way to do so.


Play a Board Game With Friends

Many board games involve rolling dice, holding cards, and moving pieces around the board. These small movements can help seniors stay active, and when they involve a fun board game, it won’t feel like work.

Board games are an easy way to keep someone active while encouraging fun activities. They can also help bring family and friends together.


Find Chair Workouts

Not all seniors can run marathons or leave the house as much as they would like. One of the best things home care services can help with is finding easy workouts that seniors can do in the comfort of their homes. This may mean light stretches on the couch or lifting weights while seated. These activities can be a part of a senior’s routine and help keep them active.



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