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When Does A Senior Need 24-Hour Home Care?

24-hour home care services enable your loved one to age in place safely and happily with the support of dedicated caregivers.
24-hour home care services provide peace of mind to seniors and loved ones that someone is always there.
24-hour home care services provide peace of mind to seniors and loved ones that someone is always there.

Your loved one may want to age in place, and luckily, this is something that no longer has to sound scary. There are tons of caregivers who can help your loved one thrive while they age in place. Even if you provide care as an adult child, there may be some clear signs that your loved one could benefit from hiring 24-hour home care.


They Are Wandering Around

As your loved one gets older, they may develop disease, and some of the side effects include wandering around during the day and at night. Your senior loved one may forget where they are going and get lost, or they may leave the house thinking they need to be somewhere, but they don’t.

This may not seem like a massive problem, but the truth is this is dangerous behavior, and it is a sign they need more help, like from 24-hour home care. Your senior could go out in the middle of the night, which is dangerous, walk out in front of traffic, or just go to the wrong building or house. There needs to be someone at their house who knows where they are and where they are going, and the whole family should know where a senior should be based on their routine.


They Continue to Get Up At Night

A senior may start waking up in the evening or just getting up throughout the night. Even if they are not experiencing sundowning, they may need help when you are not there to offer or provide it.

Having 24-hour home care services means that no matter what time it is, someone will be able to help your loved one. This may mean getting up to go to the bathroom, grabbing a snack, or getting into a nice bedtime routine to prevent those things.

It can be hard to create a nighttime routine when you do not live full-time with your elderly loved one. 24-hour home care can help ease your fears and ensure a senior is safe throughout the night.


They Need Help In The Bathroom

The truth is there are some things a senior may not admit out loud; one of them is that they may need help in the bathroom. They may need help just sitting on the toilet, they may need help remembering what they are there to do, or they may need help in the shower. This can be embarrassing and a vulnerable place for your seniors. They may not want help from just anyone, or they may not want to ask at all. If you notice your loved one is stinky or they are not making it to the bathroom it is a sign they may need more help.


They Don’t Want to Ask You For Help

The truth is most seniors want to stay as independent as possible and don’t want to rely on adult children because it will make them feel like a burden. Your loved one can get the help they need from 24-hour home care agencies, thrive while aging in place, and may feel better not asking their adult children for help. If you think they are holding back with you, it’s time to look for outside help.



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