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Tips and Tricks to Help Seniors Feel Warmer

Seniors often feel cold, sometimes to the point of pain. Here are tips and tricks for senior care providers to help seniors feel warm and more comfortable.
Some tips for senior care and loved ones to help seniors feel warm and comfortable.
Some tips for senior care and loved ones to help seniors feel warm and comfortable.

Regardless of the weather, there are times when seniors simply feel cold. This can be frustrating for them, as being cold isn’t only uncomfortable, but it’s actually painful for some seniors. The good news is that there are tips and tricks for loved ones and senior care agencies to use to help seniors feel more comfortable.


Why Are Some Seniors More Sensitive to the Cold?

  • There are many reasons why some seniors are more affected by the cold than others.
  • First, some seniors may have less muscle and fat as they age, making it harder for them to stay warm.
  • Additionally, metabolism slows down with age, which can also make seniors feel colder.
  • Circulation and blood flow changes can also affect how heat moves through the body.
  • At the same time, health problems associated with the thyroid can also impact how the cold affects seniors. Speaking of thyroid issues, certain medications that seniors take can also affect how well they’re able to stay warm.
  • Last but not least, some seniors feel colder than others because of their genes and their sensitivity to temperature.


How Can Seniors Battle Feeling Cold?

No two situations are the same, but there are some tips and tricks that loved ones and senior care workers can offer seniors to help them combat feeling cold, including the following:

  • Hot Water Bottle: Using a hot water bottle is not only easy but also inexpensive. When seniors go to bed at night, they can put the bottle on their lower back or near their feet to stay warm. During the day, they can keep it on their lap or nearby where they’re sitting. Senior care can ensure the bottle isn’t too hot or help seniors with proper placement if necessary.
  • Electric Blankets: Today, electric blankets can be found in a variety of sizes. When finding the right one, it’s important to ensure it can be cleaned and that the blanket has an automatic stop feature. Having several blankets is a good idea so that seniors don’t need to move one from room to room.
  • Drink Warm Beverages: Tea and coffee can help seniors feel warm. Hot soup for lunch and dinner can do the same. There are many tumbler options or mug warmers that seniors can utilize to keep their drinks warm all day long. Senior care aides can also help ensure that the drink or soup isn’t too hot.
  • Hand and Foot Warmers: Hand and foot warmers aren’t just for outside. Seniors can use them inside as well. Loved ones can work with them to see which ones work best, as there are disposable options or more permanent solutions, like foot warmers that offer heat and sometimes massaging features.
  • Wear the Right Clothing: Certain clothing materials are known for keeping seniors warm, such as wool or fabrics made of spandex or polyester. Senior care providers can also encourage seniors to wear socks or cardigans.


The ability to control body temperature changes with age for several reasons, such as a slower metabolism, medical conditions, or even the medications seniors take. This can make seniors colder than normal, which can also be painful and frustrating. Senior care and loved ones can use the above tips to help seniors feel warmer.



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