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Six Ways to Encourage Seniors to Tackle Spring Cleaning 

Spring cleaning can be a lot more fun and productive for seniors with companion care at home services and by following these six tips.

As winter starts to wind down, spring cleaning becomes more tempting. But for seniors, tackling spring cleaning might feel like it will take all spring to do. The cleaner seniors are able to keep their homes, the easier it is for them to avoid issues like tripping hazards and allergens while ensuring their homes are comfortable. And help from companion care at home providers could be a great way to make spring cleaning easier for seniors.

Start Small with Realistic Goals

The first step is to adopt some small and realistic goals for spring cleaning. Seniors don’t have to tackle everything in one go, and they sure don’t have to do it all by themselves. Bringing in help from home care providers and other family members could be the perfect solution. But starting with small, manageable goals is an important beginning.

Put Together a Checklist

Checklists help seniors stay organized and know exactly where they stand with their spring cleaning goals. They also make it easier to break bigger tasks down into smaller ones that are easier to achieve. One way to organize all of the tasks involved in spring cleaning is by room, which can help make the whole project easier to tackle.

Make Spring Cleaning Social

Seniors often spend a lot of time alone. Spring cleaning can be a lot easier and more fun if seniors have some company. Body doubling with companion care at home caregivers can help seniors stay on target with their spring cleaning goals.

Focus on One Room at a Time

It’s unrealistic to expect to tackle the whole house in one day, especially when spring cleaning is the project. A much better method is to focus on just one room at a time. If the rooms are small enough, they might be doable in one day. But breaking it down to one room for multiple days of cleaning can also work.

Take Breaks

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a massive task done at a breakneck pace. It’s much better to take lots of breaks throughout the process. This is also more enjoyable with a companion care at home caregiver because seniors have someone to take a break with and enjoy the experience with.

Make it Fun

Many people view spring cleaning as a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be drudgery. Especially for seniors, this should be a fun experience that also helps them maintain a clean and safe home. Elder care providers can do a lot to ensure that the home is safe and that seniors have a fun and social adventure while spring cleaning.

People don’t always think of spring cleaning as fun in the moment, but it really can be. And if seniors are willing to have a little help from companion care at home providers, it can be a social experience at the same time. It’s really all about ensuring that aging adults are comfortable and safe while they age in place.


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