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Five Tips That Might Help Your Senior Manage a Healthy Weight

Many seniors suddenly find that it’s more difficult than ever to manage their weight. Find help with Companion Care at Home in Media, PA.
Companion Care at Home in Media

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge for your senior as she ages. Whether she’s under- or overweight, she may feel unhappy with what’s happening with her weight. Finding ways to help her get back to an ideal weight might involve trying a few tactics to round out her daily routines.

Keeping Track of What She’s Eating

Keeping a food log can be a great way to get a handle on your senior’s ideal weight. Most people presume that overeating is a big cause of weight issues, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes people aren’t eating enough food, or they’re eating the wrong kinds of foods more often. So, a food log can help your senior see exactly what she’s eating, as well as when she’s eating. She can also track how she feels after certain meals.

Embracing New Hobbies

When your aging family member is bored, she may be more likely to have difficulty with her weight. That’s because she is possibly more sedentary and engaging in passive activities, like watching television. By finding hobbies that she enjoys, your elderly family member is more likely to be active in ways that she might not have chosen in recent years.

Getting More Active

There’s also the possibility that your senior needs to be more active, period. Taking a short walk every day can do a lot for your elderly family member’s mental health and her waistline. Often aging adults are far less active than they realize, so wearing something like a fitness tracker that can remind her to move can help a lot. Of course, make sure to clear any new exercise routines with her doctor first.

Addressing Social Concerns

There’s a social component to weight issues for some people. For instance, your elderly family member may hate eating alone, which can cause her to avoid meals and start losing weight without trying. Companion care at home that spends time with your senior during mealtimes can help with that situation. There are other ways that companion care at home visits can also help your elderly family member be more cognizant of her activity levels and how she’s feeling, which can help her make lifestyle choices that support a healthy weight.

Talk with Her Doctor

You always want to talk to your senior’s doctor whenever you notice that she’s having trouble either gaining or losing weight, especially if she’s not consciously trying to do either. Her doctor can narrow down what might be contributing to her situation. Also, if the underlying issue is a medical, it’s best to address it as soon as possible.

Having help from home care providers can make many of these tasks easier. Especially if your elderly family member finds that practical aspects like cooking and cleaning affect her ability to be healthy.

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