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7 Ways Home Care Assistance Maintains Senior Independence

Home care assistance is a great option for your family to help your senior loved one maintain their independence as they age in place.
Senior Independence: Home Care Assistance Upper Darby PA

The most important thing your mom wants is to embrace her independent nature and stay in her home. Have you looked at the benefits home care assistance offers when it comes to aging in place? If not, here are a few examples.


A caregiver is available to simply provide companionship. Your mom lives alone and doesn’t often have visitors. You’re not close enough to visit as often as she’d like.

Caregivers can stop in, see how she’s doing, and alert you to anything that needs addressing. Your mom has company as often as she wants, and you have peace of mind that she’s not alone for weeks.


Caregivers can help your mom on errand days. Your mom needs to go to the post office or shop for groceries. Home care assistance can pick her up and get her to her appointments or help her refill her prescriptions.


For older adults whose homes have basement laundry rooms, the trip up and down the stairs can be alarming. Basement stairs are often narrow and dimly lit, which increases the risk of a fall. Add a heavy laundry basket or hamper, and it increases the risk.

Your mom’s balance is already impacted by the medications she takes, and you worry about her doing the laundry. Arrange home care services to help her.

A caregiver takes over this chore. Your mom can have a caregiver wash her clothes, sheets, and towels, move them to the dryer, and bring all of the clean and dry items back upstairs. If your mom wants to fold them, she can or she can let her caregiver do it.

Light Housekeeping

If your mom finds it hard to do the housekeeping, arrange to have caregivers do things like vacuum the carpets, sweet floors, wash dishes, and sanitize surfaces. Caregivers can dust furnishings, fluff pillows, and put away items.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Does your mom still like to cook? Some older adults find it hard to cook for themselves, so they stop. Instead, they eat frozen dinners or takeout. It’s not the healthiest option.

Caregivers can plan a weekly menu with your mom, help her create a shopping list, and then make the meals and snacks for her. She’ll even have company with her while she eats.


How hard is it for your mom to schedule appointments? Some older adults have a harder time with online scheduling software, but not every company has phone scheduling now.


Does your mom still drive? Is she comfortable driving? Instead of risking her safety, arrange to have a caregiver drive her around. She’ll have a ride to her appointments. She doesn’t have to drive to stores, restaurants, and community events.

Once you know what services would most help your mom remain independent, talk to a home care assistance specialist. Get answers to any questions you and your mom have and set a schedule with caregiver visits.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Home Care Assistance in Upper Darby, PA, please talk to the caring staff at Better Care Home Health Services LLC today. Serving individuals and their families in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks counties. Call Today: (267) 766-5218

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