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Home Care Gift Recommendations Your Mother Will Love

If you're wondering what to get your mom or senior loved one this year for Mother's Day, here are a few home care tips and ideas!
Mother’s Day: Home Care Philadelphia PA

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you’re looking for a way to make it extra special. What are some of the trending and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts that will be a huge hit with your mom? Here are a few home care tips of the best gifts for you mom this year.

Small Hydroponic Gardens

Does your mom enjoy cooking and gardening? If so, look into a countertop hydroponic garden. She plants seeds in the pods and grows plants in the water system instead of garden soil. She’ll have fresh greens, herbs, and even peppers and tomatoes year-round.

Some of the best plants for this type of garden include baby bok choy, basil, kale, chili peppers, grape tomatoes, and spinach. As long as she keeps trimming greens, maintaining the water level, and using a cotton swab to pollinate the flowers on pepper or tomato plants, she’ll end up with an abundance of produce.

A Family Dinner

One of the simplest ideas that will make a difference is to have a family dinner for your mom. Everyone can bring a favorite dish to eliminate all of the preparation your mom would have to do.

She might prefer to go out with the family to her favorite restaurant. If that’s possible, make that happen. Or, you could pick up her favorite dishes and bring them to her home if she shouldn’t be in a public place due to her health.

Digital Books and an E-Reader

Purchase an e-reader for your mom and fill it with books from her favorite author. The benefit of an e-reader is that she can adjust the print size to where she needs it. E-readers have backlighting, so she can read at night and not need a reading lamp.

Some of the features to consider are e-readers that also read the book to your mom using text-to-speech technology. If your mom likes to read while she soaks in a bath, a waterproof e-reader is a must-have.

Meal Delivery Kits

Prices of meal delivery kits have come down over the years thanks to competition. With the introductory offers and then lower weekly subscription costs, you can schedule meal box kits for your mom for several months.

She gets almost everything needed to prepare meals for herself, or with the help of her home care provider. The only thing they don’t always include are staples like salt and pepper or flour. There are even kits where some of the vegetables and meats are already sliced and ready to go into the pan.

A Helping Hand From a Caregiver

Don’t rule out the benefit of having a helping hand. You may find that the very best gift you can give your mom for Mother’s Day is to arrange to have someone help her with daily activities like meals, housekeeping, and errands.

A home care specialist is happy to answer your questions, discuss the services, and help you make the necessary arrangements. Learn more about home care and set up caregiver visits as your mom’s special Mother’s Day gift.

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