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Senior Home Care Tips for Easy Meal Planning

Besides having senior home care help out your elderly loved one, here are more tips you can use to make meal planning easier.
Easy Meal Planning: Senior Home Care Upper Darby PA

Eating healthy seems easy, but as you get older or a loved one ages, it may become more complicated to cook and eat fresh foods and recipes. A senior may not be able to stand for long enough to cook on their own, they may forget about the stove or oven, or maybe they have a hard time using utensils like knives. Sometimes meal planning for a senior can be challenging because they may not have access to healthy food options because of transportation issues. The good news is senior home care can help your loved one with many of these issues.

Senior home care can help with transportation to grocery stores, preparing meals, or just reminding your seniors to eat during the day. Besides having senior home care help out your elderly loved one, here are more tips you can use to make meal planning easier.

Keep Your Seniors Pantry Stocked

When your senior’s pantry is always full, they can have senior home care help make meals they already have or allow them to shop smarter when they already have most of the ingredients! Your seniors can look through the pantry to see what they already have and save money by using the food in their pantry. Keeping a full pantry will help a senior meal prep each week. If they have favorite pantry items, help them keep a few of those items!

Pre-Cut Veggies

If your senior loves veggies but has difficulty snacking on them throughout the week because they can’t cut them, help them out by pre-cutting and pre-washing them! This is something the right senior home care provider can do for your loved one. They can do this with vegetables or fruits. It will allow your senior to sauté things easier or make their yogurt parfaits throughout the week. When things are cut and washed, it makes your seniors’ life a little bit easier.

Focus on Seasonal Foods

If you are sitting down with your seniors once a week to figure out what they want to eat, it’s best to focus on seasonal foods. You won’t get fresh avocados in the winter, but you will get them in the summer! Remember what season it is and find the freshest foods for your loved one. This will ensure they’re getting enough vitamins and minerals from their foods! It is one of the best ways to make meal prepping a little bit easier. When a senior knows what’s in season, it may give them some recipe or dinner ideas!

Use a Weekly Planning

Sometimes whiteboards or planners can help your seniors see what they should eat. Writing down exactly what they want to eat next to each day will help them remember and even grocery shop beforehand. This also may help them stick to a budget if they are focused on saving money during their golden years.

Start With Small Plans

Meal planning and prepping can be a massive challenge if your senior has never done it. So, instead of planning for seven days, start small and plan for three days at a time. This is considerably easier if senior home care can help transport a senior two or three times a week. It means seniors can plan what they want to eat every three days and keep track of their food!

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