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Companion Care at Home Tips for Helping Seniors Strength Train

With companion care at home, loved ones can know seniors are safe while working out with workout routines that are more enjoyable.
Dumbbell Strength Training: Companion Care at Home Chester PA

When people talk about weight training, it’s not often with seniors in mind. The fact is that weight training, or strength training, can be quite beneficial for seniors. With the help of companion care at home, seniors can work on getting or remaining fit while strengthening their muscle tone and balance for increased health.

Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

Working with dumbbells to improve strength and keep fit is an easy workout to do at home. Seniors with limited mobility can even use dumbbells while sitting down. Various workouts can be found online that are targeted at seniors. With companion care at home, loved ones can know seniors are safe while working out. Additionally, many home care providers can do the routines with seniors for a more enjoyable experience. Some of the many benefits of strength training for seniors are listed below.

  • Increased upper and lower body strength – this helps with balance and mobility
  • Improved joint health – this helps keep the joint lubricated to prevent issues with arthritis
  • Increased cholesterol control – perfect for seniors dealing with cholesterol issues
  • Better weight management – maintaining a healthy weight is difficult for some seniors due to dietary and medication issues
  • Building bone density – bone density is crucial in aging as healthy bone density reduces the number of fractures seniors face

Dumbbells are typically inexpensive. They can also be found at garage sales or thrift stores. Additionally, some seniors may use canned goods or water bottles depending on their grip strength.

Choosing the Right Dumbell Weight

It can be challenging to determine the correct weight needed for dumbbell workouts. Having three weights available for a full-body workout is suggested. If this isn’t possible, there is a simple way to determine the best weight. Choose a dumbbell heavy enough to complete 8 to 12 repetitions comfortably but not so comfortable that it doesn’t feel like working out. The muscles should start to feel tired at the end of the repetitions. For some, they might even begin to struggle.

Choosing a weight that is too much can cause sore joints and muscles for days after the workout. This can frustrate seniors, which may lead to them not working out consistently. Companion care at home workers can also see the weight is too heavy if they notice seniors struggling to maintain good form. They might arch their backs or need to swing the whole body to complete the repetitions if the weight is too much.

Tips for Working Out Without Injury

The last thing seniors want is to be injured while working out. Initially, seniors will feel soreness in their muscles. Soreness dissipates within a day or two and decreases over time.

With the help of companion care at home, seniors should pay attention to their form and use slow, controlled movements when completing repetitions. If the movement hurts, stop. Rushing through a workout or using the whole body for a targeted movement is unhealthy. Additionally, seniors should rest between strength workouts. On off days, home care professionals may walk them in the neighborhood, or seniors may take a chair yoga class.

Maintaining a healthy body as seniors age is vital for their overall health. Adding companion care at home helps keep seniors active. Home care workers can also help with healthy meal planning to further a healthy lifestyle.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Companion Care at Home in Chester, PA, please talk to the caring staff at Better Care Home Health Services LLC today. Serving individuals and their families in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks counties. Call Today: (267) 766-5218

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