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Lowering Senior Blood Pressure Through Food

High blood pressure is a good start if you consider eating for better health. Let In-Home Care in Media, PA, help get you started.
In-Home Care in Media

High blood pressure is a good start if you consider eating your way to better health. Like many other diseases, high blood pressure may be managed by including more nutrient-dense foods into one’s regular diet. This is why it can be crucial for your senior loved one to focus on diet. Unfortunately, you may find that the older they become, the less they want to cook and the more they want to find easy pre-cooked or frozen meals to eat.

If your loved one is struggling to cook for themselves, it’s time to find the right help for them. Professionals like in-home care specialists may be able to help with various things around the house, including cooking. Here are some foods you should encourage your senior or in-home care to use when prepping meals. Each food can directly impact or help high blood pressure.

Seniors Should Be Eating Low Fat Yogurt
According to research, consuming low-fat dairy products may lower your risk of hypertension and keep your weight in check. Yogurt and milk are packed with protein and calcium, which helps you stay healthy, active, and within a safe blood pressure range. You’ll also benefit from the calcium in low-fat dairy products as you age.

Small Amounts of Dark Chocolate
Even though most people feel it is vital to avoid chocolate, new research has revealed that dark chocolate high in flavanol helps lower blood pressure in those with pre- or present hypertensive symptoms.

Snacking on Pistachios
Similarly, pistachios are a delicious and heart-healthy snack. People who consume one serving of pistachio nuts daily for four weeks have remarkably decreased systolic blood pressure. If your senior genuinely focus on lowering blood pressure, ensure they are going for unsalted pistachios. Since, too much salt can be harmful to blood pressure.

Pomegranate Seeds in Meals
Because it’s a powerful antioxidant and blood pressure stabilizer, pomegranate juice is an excellent addition to a balanced diet.  Smaller amounts of pomegranate juice are more potent, unlike other fruit juices that have been demonstrated to have heart-protective properties.

Fish Dinners
Omega-3 fatty acids in fish like salmon have been demonstrated chiefly to lower diastolic blood pressure. To get the advantages of salmon’s heart-healthy properties, experts suggest eating it three times each week at the very least. Anchovies and sardines are decent substitutes for cod, but they don’t offer the same heart-protective benefits.

Kiwis and Other Fruits Like Bananas
Vitamin C in a kiwi is more concentrated than in an orange, which is excellent for preventing heart disease and lowering blood pressure. If you can’t find it at your local grocery shop, you may buy it online and eat it on its own or alongside Greek yogurt and granola. Bananas are a great source of potassium, which may help lower blood pressure, making them a perfect snack. Obviously, bananas are an excellent way to get potassium into your diet. Altogether, potassium lowers blood pressure, stress hormones, and calcium, strengthening bones.

Eat Tons of Broccoli
Those who consume broccoli get the advantages of its remarkable cancer-fighting properties. If you can’t find fresh ones, you may buy frozen ones at the grocery store and use them in side dishes or as a veggie side for entrées.

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