Easy Ways to Create a Meditation Space In a Senior’s Home

Home Care in Chester

Home Care in Chester

You may have heard of the excellent benefits of meditation, and you have a mom or dad who wants to try it. Or maybe your senior parent has been actively meditating each day and wants to create a sacred space dedicated to this beautiful practice. Still, they have difficulty moving things around or understanding how to start making this space independently. Whether you or a home care professional is helping a senior create this space, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

If meditation is a part of your daily routine (or you would want it to be), it makes perfect sense to designate a meditation place in your house. It’s easy to procrastinate on a new practice because we don’t have the space or because too many distractions surround us. But creating a sanctuary, no matter how tiny, will inspire you or your senior to stick with it and calm your mind and spirit every time you enter it.

Setting up a whole room for meditation is not required. Still, it is preferable to do so in a peaceful, distraction-free environment with minimal ‘traffic’ (your bedroom or a spare room, for example). If you find it difficult to prevent this, a barrier may help. Why not dedicate a whole room to your training if you have the room? It might be used for other purposes, such as yoga, reading, or handicrafts. No matter what size your senior has, whether they are living in their large family home or a smaller apartment in a busy city, there are ways to construct a meditation area that will help them feel grounded and relaxed.

First Focus on Colors
It’s essential to consider the colors that make you feel the most at ease and safe. While many people may feel most at peace in a space with light, neutral colors, others might prefer the security and comfort of a darker scheme. You and your senior can work on this together, and it may be a bonding moment. What colors are their favorite? What resonates with them? Ask them these questions before you begin your hunt. Remember that if they don’t want to paint the walls, cloth backdrops will also work for a room!

Keep the Furniture Soft
Large couches, sheepskins, mats, and blankets are necessary for relaxation. Keep them on display in a natural basket if you can’t leave them out permanently. If things are too hidden, a senior is less likely to use them. Then they may not stick with their meditation practice. If home care providers are around and can also easily see the items, they are more likely to help set a senior up so they can practice meditation.

Use Soft Lighting
Consider the lighting that helps you concentrate the most because light profoundly affects our emotional states. Depending on your routine, you may want to choose a spot carefully. Maybe it gets the most out of the gorgeous morning or evening sunlight. If you’d rather have softer illumination, you may also choose a room with drapes and rely on candlelight instead. Candles, incense, aromatherapy oils, and smudge sticks illuminate the room and bring additional dimensions to your ritual.

Use Essential Oils Throughout the Room
A scent, especially essential oils, may help you relax; clearing the air by burning sage or other plants will clear it. Now might be an excellent time to perform a ritual too. Their home care professional can help. Maybe your senior likes to roll out a mat. Perhaps lighting a candle or burning some sage will signify the start of their meditation. For some seniors, the scents will also help bring back happy memories.

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