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Five Things to Understand about Home Health Care

Home health care may be an option for your senior. It is a type of care that can make recovery so much easier for your senior.

Home health care is a type of care that can make recovering from illness or injury so much easier for your senior. It’s also a type of care that not a lot of people already know a lot about, which might mean that it’s overlooked for your senior when it would be beneficial for her. Here’s some more information about home health care and what it can do for your elderly family member if she should need it.


Home Health Care in Upper Darby PA: Home Health Care Tips


This Is Medical Care at Home

Home health care is a type of care that offers medical assistance to your senior in her own home. She may need this care because she’s recovering from an illness or injury, even from surgery. She may also have a chronic health condition that has worsened or that she needs help managing. The bottom line is that your senior has medical needs and is also homebound.


Homebound Patients Who Need Skilled Care Qualify

Your senior may be considered homebound if she rarely leaves her home because it’s incredibly taxing on her to do so. Homebound patients could also require extensive assistive devices or help in order to leave their home, or your senior’s doctor may tell her to stay home in order to recover. This doesn’t mean your elderly family member never leaves her home, just that she does so rarely.


Skilled Nursing Care Visits Your Senior

What does skilled nursing care mean? It means that your elderly family member may be visited by nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other experts. Medical social workers and other types of home health aides may also be part of your senior’s care team. The type of care she receives is dictated by her needs and what types of assistance she requires.


Home Health Care Is Not Long-term Care

Another important factor with this type of care is that it is short-term and intermittent rather than continuous. That’s because the primary goal of home health care is that your elderly family member is able to heal and recover, regaining her ability to care for herself and continue to manage her health. This type of care is geared toward helping your senior to protect her independence as much as possible.


Patients Tend to Prefer Healing at Home

Remaining at home to heal is often far preferable to being in the hospital for extended periods of time. It’s also much easier to reintegrate into her daily schedule when your senior is at home. Your senior may also be far less likely to need a nursing home or rehabilitation facilities if she has the help of home health care providers. All of these are critical reasons for your senior to seriously consider home health care if it’s an option her doctor recommends.

Healing is a process that requires a great deal of energy and some time. When your elderly family member has the help that she needs, she’s able to take her time and use her energy wisely as she continues to heal.


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