What Can Companion Care at Home Do for Your Senior?

For many seniors, what they need the most help with is emotional support and friendship from people that she can count on. That type of assistance is called companion care at home and it can have some really incredible benefits for your senior’s emotional health. That can in turn impact her physical health as well and help you, as the family caregiver.


 Caregiver in Philadelphia PA: Companion Care

Caregiver in Philadelphia PA: Companion Care


Loneliness and Isolation Are Huge Problems for Seniors

Seniors can very quickly find themselves dealing with loneliness and isolation, even if they have never had issues with either at any time in the past. Your senior may have had friends and family members available for social activities for the majority of her life, but a combination of changes for her and for them can make that a lot more difficult. Eventually, your elderly family member can realize that it’s easier to just remain at home, but that comes with consequences.


Being More Socially Active Brings Big Benefits

Ultimately, there are big benefits to making sure that your senior has the social activity that she needs. It helps her brain and her body to remain as healthy as possible, which is vital for her overall well-being. Cognitive health is closely tied in with emotional health, too, and finding ways for your senior to be as social as she’s willing to be can pay off. It’s important to talk to your senior’s doctor about whether there are any health issues that are contributing to her social issues. Addressing those health conditions can help her to resolve other issues.


Companion Care at Home Can Be an Answer

Having elder care providers stopping by to check in on your senior is just one way to help her to resolve issues around loneliness. Companion care at home means that your senior has a friendly person stopping by to check on her. They might spend time playing games together, just talking, or reading together. Whatever your senior wants to do is likely possible and it can help her to spend time around other people on a regular basis.


Enriching Your Senior’s Life as Much as Possible Is Crucial

Companion care at home can also help you to understand what else your aging family member might need in order to get some more enrichment in her life. Perhaps she learns about a new game she enjoys or she finds a new hobby that she wants to try. All of these are great ways to add to your senior’s life and help her to find more to be excited about every day. And when she can find new ways to engage with other people, that helps her, too.

Even if your elderly family member doesn’t like to be around big crowds, there are ways for her to get the social engagement that she needs in order to be as healthy as possible. Work with your senior to find the solutions that she enjoys the most so that you can help her to avoid some of the negative impacts of being alone too much.


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