Are you trying to find ways to keep your elderly loved one occupied throughout the week? If so, and they don’t currently have any true hobbies, you may be stumped as to what they might enjoy. This is a common issue for family caregivers. However, there are some things that you and your loved one’s elderly care providers may want to get them to try.


Home Care Services in Philadelphia PA: Senior Hobbies

Home Care Services in Philadelphia PA: Senior Hobbies


Creating and Maintaining a Garden

Many elderly adults enjoy working in a garden. This might be something that your elderly loved one enjoys, as well. Gardening can be rewarding in many ways. It helps boost both the physical and mental state of those who are doing it. You can start your elderly loved one out with a small boxed garden that hangs in the window. You can also go all out and help them create an outdoor garden. They can plant flowers or even better try to grow vegetables in the garden. Creating a garden and watching things grow can be enjoyable for elderly adults.


Reading is another great thing for your elderly loved one to take up. They can do this anywhere and at any time. Maybe they want to read a book before they fall asleep at night or while they are lounging on their front porch in the afternoon. If they don’t have the greatest eyesight, they can even listen to audiobooks on a phone, tablet, or computer. Reading helps to boost the mind. This is very important for elderly adults.

Swimming or Walking

If your elderly loved one sits around a lot more than they should, you may want to get them to do something that is more physically demanding. This could include swimming or walking. If there is a community center in your area that has a swimming pool, maybe you or their elderly care provider could take them there. Many hotels will let people swim for a small fee, as well. You could also encourage your elderly loved one to take walks. Maybe you could see if their neighbor wants to walk with them in the mornings. You could go on an evening walk with your loved one when you visit in the evenings.


Yoga is another great option for elderly adults. It promotes physical, mental, and emotional strength. The other great thing about yoga is that it is very low-impact. This means that it will help improve your loved one’s strength without putting stress on their joints. They could do yoga at home or take a yoga class, as well.

These are some great activities that your elderly loved one might enjoy. If they need to find something to do, have them try out any one or more of these activities.


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