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Senior Health: Eye Health Matters, But So Does a Budget. Learn Tips to Save on Glasses

Senior Health: As your dad's vision changes, he needs to have a current prescription for eyewear. Be sure he has glasses that are up to date.

Senior Health: As your dad’s vision changes, he needs to have a current prescription for eyewear.

Make sure he has glasses or contacts and wears them as advised. He also should follow his doctor’s orders where it comes to medications and dietary measures for general senior health.

When you’re on a fixed income during retirement, the cost of eyeglasses can be overwhelming. There are ways to afford glasses. Here are some of the best ways to save money on eyewear.


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Check to See if Insurance Covers Anything

Some insurance plans pay for the prescription lenses but not the frames. Check to see if your dad’s insurance company offers that coverage. If they do, he’ll save a lot of money.


Ask the Eye Doctor for the Prescription

If insurance isn’t going to cover any part of the eyeglasses, get the prescription from the eye doctor. Ask for the pupil distance, too. He’s allowed to get the prescription and shop around.

You may need to make sure he knows he’s allowed to shop around. Some eye doctors push the sale of glasses in their practice. If they do that, he should tell them his budget and see what they offer. The chances are that they won’t have anything he can afford and will stop trying to push it.

Shop Online or in a Warehouse Club

Once he has the prescription, he can compare prices online with websites like Zenni or EyeBuyDirect. He’ll save a lot of money shopping through these sites. If he uploads a picture of himself, he’ll even have the chance to see what he looks like in different frames.

He can also go to warehouse clubs with an optician to check prices there. If he chooses a warehouse club, he’ll have the chance to try his new glasses on in the store and have adjustments made while he’s there.


Look for Coupons

Get your dad used to shopping with coupons. Honey and Groupon are two coupon sites he should try. He may find deals for free shipping, and some online retailers have refer-a-friend bonuses that get him free cash towards his next pair of glasses.


Support Him With Home Care

Once he has his glasses, don’t ignore his need for help around the home. As his vision changes, your dad has a higher risk of falling. If he’s already fallen once or has come close, home care aides can help with his changing mobility.

He may have a more challenging time reading the fine print in the store. His worsening vision may make it harder for him to see stuck-on messes on plates, bowls, and glasses. Caregivers can help there, too.

Make sure your dad can get to his appointments. If he can’t drive, he needs someone to drive him around. That’s where home care aides can help. They can drive him to appointments, stay with him for the appointment, and drive him back home.

Rely on home care services for more than transportation and help with housework. Caregivers can remind your dad to take his medications. They can cook meals for him, do his laundry, and take him grocery shopping. Call an agency to learn more about how they can help with senior health.


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