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Senior Health: Caring For a Senior With Appetite Loss

Senior Health: As seniors age, there will be changes that can affect their appetite. Homecare can help encourage healthy eating habits.

Senior Health: As older adults age, there will be many physiological changes that can affect their appetite.

Personal care at home will help encourage good senior health and healthy eating habits and create meal plans that will appeal to the senior. Each meal plan should be nutritious and help seniors get extra nutrients they may be missing.


Senior Health: Appetite Loss


It is crucial to help seniors work through their appetite loss because food fuels the body and helps them stay more physically active. Each piece of food helps carry out the power they need to stay mobile and increase their health. There are several reasons why seniors lose their appetite, but sometimes it is nothing they can control.

Personal care at home can help in several different ways to encourage healthy eating habits. They will understand that an older person will need a much different diet than a younger person. Take a look at these tips that will help caregivers find solutions to help battle appetite loss.

Helping Seniors With Appetite Loss

Here are several ways to help a senior eat when they may have appetite loss. Certain problems arise as someone ages that may affect how they feel hunger. Personal care at home can help ensure seniors maintain a healthy appetite.

Develop Routines

Having a healthy routine is a great way to get a senior to eat. They may not be able to stick to this routine on their own, but they can do it with the help of a caregiver. Having a routine can help train a senior’s body when to expect a meal.

Encourage Snacking

Although too much food can be considered bad, healthy snacking is a must! If a senior prefers snacks over full meals, it may be best to try and help them find healthy snacks. Caregivers can still create meal plans around small snacks versus big meals.

Drink Meals

Seniors may have health issues that make it hard for them to swallow, or they may not go down right. There are ways to create shakes and other fun, drinkable snacks to get them the nutrients they need. A caregiver can help plan healthy smoothies and shakes rather than large meals.

Senior Health: Let Them Help Plan

Yes, one of the responsibilities of caregivers is that they will help meal plan, but that does not mean they can’t get the opinion of the senior. Let them choose what they want to eat. Let their family give them old recipe magazines to browse through a selection to find what they want that fits in with their diet. This is an excellent way to get the seniors excited about eating.

Senior Health: Why Does Loss of Appetite Happen?

Some serious illnesses can cause sudden appetite loss. If a senior has had a healthy appetite up until recently, it may be time to talk to a doctor. Things like thyroid, cancer, Parkinson’s, and gland problems can cause sudden loss of appetite and need to be checked on immediately.

Other reasons the senior may have lost their appetite is because they are not exercising enough, they are dehydrated, they lost the ability to taste, or mealtimes are unpleasant. If a caregiver has no idea why seniors have lost their appetite, they may be able to sit down and talk to the senior to find better solutions for good senior health.


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