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Elderly Bathing Tips for Family Caregivers

Homecare in Media PA: Family caregivers often struggle with many aspects of personal care when helping their aging parent live at home despite serious health issues.

Family caregivers often struggle with many aspects of personal care when helping their aging parent live at home despite serious health issues. Most family caregivers feel comfortable with things like meal planning and cooking, housekeeping and doing finances. However, when it comes to personal care, such as helping elderly parents bathe or shower, both parties can become uncomfortable and stressed.


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Most of the time, elderly parents are resistant to having their adult children aid them in the bath or shower.
The changing of roles can cause tension between parents and children, plus issues of modesty, discomfort, pain, and stubbornness. The psychological strain on aging parents and family caregivers can make bathing sessions hard to do. If family caregivers follow some helpful bathing tips for the elderly, everyone can feel better.


1. Choose a proper schedule: Active adults are fine with a daily shower or bath, but elderly adults usually need a more relaxed schedule. Most doctors feel that seniors can take a shower twice a week and then just do sponge baths every other day. Reducing the number of times seniors must bathe makes a lot of sense. Also, setting up a time and day of the week for baths means both parties know when it will happen, and they can assemble quickly.


2. Set up an efficient environment: Many family caregivers find success in creating an efficient and practical environment. Some relaxing music, a space heater and a fluffy robe set the calm and soothing scene. Make sure everything is right there, from shampoo and soap to towels and washcloths. Keep everything within arm’s reach and get the aging adult to relax and focus.


3. Remain professional and efficient: If family caregivers make any real mistake in helping with baths it is that they overcompensate with conversation. The flow of talk should be natural and effective, with many family caregivers saying what they are about to do, such as lift up the left arm. It’s best to keep the topics neutral, such as a favorite recipe, interesting news item or the errands to run later that day. Keeping things efficient and neutral will reduce the aging adult’s discomfort levels.


4. Hiring an elderly care provider: Sometimes it’s just too much for both parties to overcome the awkwardness in doing baths. That’s when hiring an elderly care provider makes the most sense. The elderly care provider can help with showering and dressing, and seniors are more likely to accept the help because it is from an outsider. Elderly care providers are also experts in helping. They know all the tricks of the trade and will efficiently and professionally get the job done.

Family caregivers can make a difference in how they approach the bath situation with their aging loved one. Whether it is changing the schedule or hiring elderly care providers, aging adults need to get on a regular bath schedule so they can stay healthy and clean.


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