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Homecare: Don’t Overlook the Importance of Homecare After Your Dad’s Stroke?

Homecare: Around 800K people have a stroke each year and 25% of those strokes are not a person's first. How can your Dad recover safely?

Homecare: Around 800,000 people have a stroke each year.

About 25% of those strokes are not a person’s first. High blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol all increase the risk. No one wants to hear their dad’s had a stroke, but that’s precisely what’s happened. The panic is settling, but now you’re considering what comes next. What can you do to make sure your dad has the support he needs such as homecare as he heals?


Homecare in Havertown PA: Stroke Recovery


Recovering From a Stroke 

There is no specific treatment plan for everyone to follow. Your dad’s care needs will depend on what type of stroke it was, how it affected his body, and how badly the brain was damaged. Your dad may need a few weeks to recover, or it could take months or years. He might not fully recover.

You need to make sure he’s supported, and this is where it’s important to talk to his doctors. He may not be able to use the leg and arm on one side of his body. He might require a wheelchair, or he may still walk without help. He may not be able to speak clearly. His memory and cognitive skills may have been impacted.

As there are many ways the stroke affects your dad’s emotional, mental, and physical health and abilities, you need to know what to expect. His doctors and therapists offer the expertise you need at this time. They’ll help guide you into the care he needs at home.


Take That Care Plan and Arrange In-Home Care Services

Now that you know what care your dad needs, look into home care services. Most likely, he’ll need help with laundry and housekeeping. Your family will help out as much as you can, but caregivers enable you to focus on your dad and not chores that need doing.

Your dad will have many appointments with physical, speech, and occupational therapists. Make sure he has people available to drive him to those appointments. If you can’t, professional caregivers can help with transportation.

Caregivers can cook his meals and take him grocery shopping. If he doesn’t want to do the shopping, online ordering is available in most areas. His caregiver can pick groceries up before driving to your dad’s house.

Have his homecare provider remind him when to take his daily prescription pills. The caregiver can also alert you or your dad’s doctor when refills are needed. Caregivers can pick up prescription refills for him.

Talk to your dad’s medical team about his care needs as he recovers from a stroke. Arrange to have homecare aides assist him with activities of daily living. Talk to an in-home care specialist to get started.


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