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Home Health Care Providers Can Assist Elderly with Urinary Incontinence

Dealing with urinary incontinence can be tough. Your elderly loved one probably feels embarrassed or ashamed or may not want anyone to know.

Dealing with urinary incontinence can be tough. Not only is your elderly loved one probably embarrassed or ashamed, but they may not want anyone knowing they are having this issue. If you have recently found soiled underwear or clothes in your elderly loved one’s laundry, it could be because they have this health condition. You can try talking to your elderly loved one about it. However, if they are too embarrassed to speak to the family about it, they may need home health care providers to help with this issue.


Home Health Care in Chester PA: Incontinence



Doing a Log

One of the things that home health care providers can help with when it comes to urinary incontinence in the elderly is doing logs. It is important that your elderly loved one has a log of when they have accidents or leakage and what causes it. By keeping this log for your elderly loved one, the doctors will know what treatments to use based on the timing or triggers.

Kegel Exercises

The home health care providers can also encourage or help your elderly loved one to do kegel exercises. These can be done during the day or evening time. They can even be done when your elderly loved one is going to the bathroom. Some of the steps for doing kegel exercises that senior citizens need to know about include:

Start urinating, but then stop the urine flow for a few seconds using the pelvic floor muscles. Then, start urinating again.
Continue having your elderly loved one do the exercise above, but for a longer count, say up to 10 seconds would be a good goal
Hold the pelvic floor muscles while doing a couple dishes
If your elderly loved one can start practicing these exercises, it can make things much easier when it comes to their urinary incontinence, as it won’t be happening near as often.


Double Voiding

If your elderly loved one has urinary incontinence, it would be a good idea for them to practice double voiding. Basically, what this means is that whenever your elderly loved one thinks they are done urinating, they should practice a kegel exercise. Then, they should try to urinate again. Sometimes, leaning forward and backward or side-to-side on the toilet can help with double voiding. The purpose of this exercise is to help fully empty the bladder. By doing that, your elderly loved one can reduce the chances of having an accident or leakage.



Does your elderly loved one struggle with urinary incontinence? If so, hopefully, the tips noted above will help to prevent accidents and/or leakage. If your elderly loved one isn’t already doing so, it may be a good idea for them to have home health care services. The reason for this is because the providers that come to their house can remind them to do kegel exercises and to use the toilet more often. They can also help with changing adult diapers, if that is needed, too.


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