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Five Things Your Dad Does to Hide His Need for Care

Fear of losing independence can lead some seniors to hide their needs. Senior Home Care in Philadelphia, PA, can help.
Senior Home Care in Philadelphia

As people get older, it can become harder to do everything independently. Stamina may decrease, and arthritis pain can make it hard to grip items or stand in place for long durations. Chronic health conditions can also impact one’s independence.

You’re worried your dad is hiding his need for help. Is he doing any of these five things that older adults do to hide his need for help?

Hides Health Issues

Is your dad telling you everything he knows about his health? Sometimes, older adults hide that they’ve been diagnosed with chronic health issues like high blood pressure, dementia, or cancer.

Instead, they’ll wait until it’s impossible to keep hiding it, and at that point, it can be too late to help. The earlier chronic health conditions are diagnosed, the sooner treatments can begin. That often helps with disease management and the cost of care.

Ask your dad often about his health, and encourage him to be truthful. If he needs help managing medications or keeping up with many doctor’s appointments, make sure he can count on you to help.

Doesn’t Admit to Falling

Your dad’s fallen, but he hides it. If he experiences dizzy spells or struggles to maintain his balance in some situations, he may fall. If he’s not telling you about it, there’s no way you can help him.

It’s important that he be honest about his struggles with balance or dizzy spells. A fall could turn into a serious problem if he hits his head or fractures a bone. It’s better for him to admit he needs help.

Masks Chronic Pain

Arthritis is a leading cause of chronic pain. If your dad’s joints ache and aren’t as fluid as they used to be, chronic pain can make it hard to remain mobile. He shouldn’t hide this from his family. If he needs help with mobility, he needs to have services arranged before he falls or stops being as active as he wants.

Hides Financial Struggles

Your dad is struggling with his finances. He can’t keep track of bills or fell for a scam and spent money he couldn’t afford to spend. Make sure someone is helping your dad with money management. They don’t have to take over, but they can help him pay bills on time and ensure his deposits go in correctly.

Doesn’t Tell Anyone About Car Accidents

Many older adults don’t want to admit they’re struggling with driving. Your dad misjudged distance when putting into the driveway and hitting a tree or post. He backed into the wall in his garage. Worse, he messed up the accelerator and brake pedal and drove into a store.

If it’s time for your dad to hand over the keys and let others drive, he needs to be honest about it. He needs to speak up before he hurts himself or someone else.

Senior home care may not be something your dad wants or feels he needs, but it’s important to keep him safe. He’ll adjust to his caregivers faster than you’d imagine. Soon, his senior home care aides are great friends and people he looks forward to seeing each week. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Senior Home Care in Philadelphia, PA, please talk to the caring staff at Better Care Home Health Services LLC today. Serving individuals and their families in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks counties. Call Today: (267) 766-5218

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