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Products to Help Your Parent’s Hair Stay Fresh and Clean When They Cannot Bathe

Elder Care in Ardmore PA: Keeping your senior's hair fresh and clean is an important part of maintaining their health and well-being, and keeping them feeling their best about themselves.

Keeping your senior’s hair fresh and clean is an important part of maintaining their health and well-being, and keeping them feeling their best about themselves.
Unfortunately, it can be difficult for your parent to wash their hair regularly, particularly if they are dealing with a challenge or limitation that keeps them from getting into the bath or shower. Fortunately, hair washing is not necessary as often as washing the body for most people, and it can be accomplished without having to get into the bath or shower. As their family caregiver, you can help your parent maintain their well-being even when they aren’t able to bathe by using simple and accessible products between full washes.


Elder Care in Ardmore PA: Help Your Parent’s Hair Stay Fresh and Clean


Some of the products you can use to help your parent’s hair stay fresh and clean when they cannot bathe include:


Waterless shower caps. These caps contain a shampooing product that does not require any water to rinse it out. This means your parent can easily enjoy a thorough wash even if they cannot get in the shower or are unable to take a bath. With these caps, you simply put one in the microwave to warm it, put it over your parent’s head, massage their hair, and then allow to dry


Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo sprays are very popular among those with oily hair, but can be used by people will all kinds of hair. Look for a spray designed for the texture of hair your senior has for best results. Spray the shampoo on the scalp and roots, allow it to dry, and then brush through


Baby powder. While this is not a method that should be used as a replacement for cleaning the hair, it can be an effective means of absorbing oils and odors for a fresher look for those with lighter colored hair. Simply sprinkle the powder on your parent’s scalp, allow to sit for a few moments, and then brush through


It is a common belief that elder care is just for those who are in need of extensive care and support on a daily basis.

While these services can be instrumental in the ongoing health and quality of life of elderly adults who experience major challenges on a daily basis, they are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of care. The services of an elderly home care services provider are completely customized. This means they can also be tremendously beneficial for an older adult who is still largely independent and needs just a few services or support on a regular basis to help them continue to pursue the life that is right for them.

These services can include transportation to keep them independent, assistance with personal care tasks, help around the home to conserve energy, common medication reminders, and more. As a family caregiver, knowing you’re aging loved one has access to this care can reduce your stress and help you to feel more at ease knowing your parent has what they need both when you are able to be with them and when you are not.

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