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Celebrate Your Name!

The first week of March is National “Celebrate Your Name” Week. Help your senior loved one celebrate their name and keep their mind sharp!
Celebrate Your Name: Senior Home Care Upper Darby PA

The first full week of March is National “Celebrate Your Name” Week. Whether she loves her name or hates her name, your aging loved one has most likely lived with her name all her life. Take the first week of March to celebrate it!

Celebrations can come in all shapes and forms but some of the best celebrations are with others. So, plan a day and invite the grandkids, other family members, or even your home care provider to come over and help your loved one celebrate her name as well as celebrate their own. Here are a few ideas for making it fun.

Create Something Fun!

Names are a big part of who we are – both first and last names. They give the world a quick peek into the heritage, age, and history of a person. One fun way to celebrate our name is to create personalized gifts with names on them. This is a fun event where the family can come over, especially any grandkids, and work on creating pieces of art with their names.

A little prep work might need to be done, so ask your home care provider if they can help beforehand so everything is ready before you celebrate. There are plenty of fun crafts you can do, but here are a few ideas!

Before you get started, have your home care provider cut large letters out of tagboard so that each person can find the letters of their names and assemble them on a table. Then ask each person to decorate each letter with something they like to do by drawing, coloring, and/or painting that activity. Once they’re done, mount the letters of their name on a colorful piece of tagboard for hanging.

Bring out old magazines and newspapers and have everyone find the letters to their names in the ads and stories of the magazines while also finding photos that show things they enjoy. Then get the glue and create a collage to share with everyone.

Learn Something New!

Your loved one may think she knows everything she needs to know about her name and its history, but you might be able to help her learn a little bit more.

Do some research into how to say her name or write her name in another language. It might be fun to find a place where your loved one can have her name written in Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese.

You might use some websites to find out more about your family’s name history and learn about the members of your family who lived long ago. Maybe you’ll even find some new family members you never knew you had based on your last name.

Play with your name!

Help keep your loved one’s mind sharp by playing simple games with her name. See how many other words she can come up with her full name. Or have her name an animal or food item with each letter of her name. This is another game older grandkids will love to join in on!

However you do it, it’s fun to celebrate your name!

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