How to Keep Your Bedridden Senior Engaged

Personal Care at Home in Upper Darby PA

Personal Care at Home in Upper Darby PA

When your elderly loved one is bedridden, keeping them engaged and having fun can seem like a huge challenge. It can be difficult to care for your loved one alone, and if you feel like you have been struggling with things like bath time, eating, and keeping them entertained, it’s time to find personal care at home to help your family out. These professionals can help you take care of all the care your senior needs so you can focus on the fun activities and help your loved one limit the amount of stress they feel. Personal care at home is one of the best options for seniors who want to age in place. When they can care for your loved one, you have time to focus on other things. Here are a few activities to keep your loved one engaged every day.

Play The Piano For Them

Listening to music benefits seniors as it can positively affect their well-being. Music can enhance mood, reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate memories, and provide a sense of enjoyment and emotional connection. In short, music can keep a senior engaged. It also allows them to show expression, contributing to overall mental and emotional health. If you can’t play the piano or any instrument, don’t fret. You can easily turn on music from your phone and play it loud enough for your loved one to enjoy. Your loved one may like different types of music, so ask them what they want to listen to. Even if you’re determined to play the piano, learn to play their favorite song! You may see them light up with joy. Remember that a senior may not like loud sounds, so you should understand what type of mood your loved one is in and match their vibe for the day.

Read Out Loud for Them

Your seniors may love to read but can no longer do it themselves due to their eyesight. Most of the time, the library will carry large print, but that may be too small for your senior’s eyes, or they may lose their place multiple times while reading. This can make it frustrating to read, so it may be easier and more rewarding for you to read out loud to them. Reading aloud to senior family members is beneficial as it provides a multi-sensory experience that can engage their cognitive functions, stimulate memory recall, and, above all else, allow you to connect with them. It also creates a bonding opportunity and provides a sense of companionship, contributing to their emotional well-being and overall quality of life. If you are unsure how to keep your seniors busy throughout the day, this may be a good activity to try with each other. Ask them what type of books they like to read and head to the library to grab something new.

Help Them With a Word Search or Crossword Puzzle

Puzzles are fun activities no matter what age you are. If your loved one can no longer stand up to do puzzles on the table, try something different. Buy them a word search book or even a crossword book. If your seniors can’t write things out anymore, you can do this part for them. Read the questions for your seniors to listen to and write down their answers.

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