After a government study found that loneliness and isolation were as bad for you as smoking three-quarters of a pack every day. It’s estimated that 40 percent of U.S. adults don’t feel they have good social relationships. Another 20 percent admit they feel lonely and isolated. If your mom or dad feels this way, it’s time to take action.


Elder Care in Upper Darby PA: Can Technology Ease Senior Loneliness?

Elder Care in Upper Darby PA: Can Technology Ease Senior Loneliness?


About 4 out of 10 seniors admit they regularly feel lonely. Why does it really matter?

It’s believed the increased risk of heart disease or stroke by as much as 30 percent are linked to loneliness and isolation. Technology is one way to solve this issue. It shouldn’t be the only solution, but it’s a good start. These are the ways technology can help.


Technology Makes It Easy to Chat Via a Video Call

Today’s technology is getting easier to use than ever before. If you live hours from your parents, you can still check on them through video chats. Devices like the Amazon Echo Show or Spot, Facebook Portal, or Google Home Hub allow you to make video calls with ease.

While you’re talking to your mom or dad, you’ll see how they are. You’ll see if there are bruises from falling or if your mom or dad looks pale or unwell, and other health concerns. You may even be able to see some of the room to look for clutter and signs that housekeeping is becoming a struggle.

You don’t have to buy one of these devices. With a smartphone or computer and an app like Skype, Facetime, Messenger, or Hangouts, you can talk over the phone or through video. As long as your parent is comfortable turning on the computer/phone and loading the right app, it’s an easy way to socialize.


Check Out Online Social Groups

While an online social group isn’t the best substitution for face-to-face interactions, it’s better than nothing. If your mom or dad wants to use a social site like Facebook, be sure to go over safety rules and privacy settings to ensure they’re not sharing too much.

Look for online support groups or social groups that match an interest or health condition. For example, if your mom likes to knit, she could check out the groups on AARP that provide chat rooms and forums for socialization about knitting. Your dad could join a movie group that talks about old war movies.


There’s No Replacing a Social Visit

While technology helps with isolation and loneliness, it cannot replace a social visit. Talk to a senior care agency to learn how to arrange companionship services. You can have a caregiver come to your mom or dad’s home to help with household chores, take them for a drive or walk, or be there for a daily or weekly visit. Learn more by calling a senior care representative.


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