Home Care: Healthy Eating for the Holidays

Home Care: Eating healthy during the holidays is important.

As tempting it is to ignore a doctor’s advice, your parents need to stick to their dietary restrictions. Support them by making sure the foods that are served meet their guidelines. Your dad’s high blood pressure has him on a low-sodium diet. Your mom has diabetes and cannot have sugary and processed foods. With a few adjustments, these dietary concerns are easy to handle by you or your home care provider.


Home Care: Healthy Eating

Home Care: Healthy Eating


Ways to Lower Salt Intake

Salt adds flavor, but there are other ways to add flavor without salt. Fresh herbs add a lot of extra flavors. Instead of loading a soup with salt, flavor the broth with potent herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.

Fresh citrus is also a good way to add flavor. For a pot of chicken noodle soup, use fresh dill, slices of lemon, black pepper, and garlic. Fresh vegetables and whole wheat noodles finish it off.


Learn to Read Labels

Pay close attention to the labels on foods you purchase for your parents. The whole grain bread you’re buying could have a lot of added sugar listed as corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, or malt syrup.

Look at the sodium content to see how high it is. Canned soups often have excessive amounts of sodium. You might also find high quantities of sodium in salsa, condiments, and other sauces.


Cook From Scratch

Making foods from scratch is the best way to control quality and ingredients. Help your parents make bone broth in batches that you can freeze until needed.

The carcass from a turkey after a holiday meal is all you need. Fill a pot with water, and add the turkey bones and some fresh herbs. Simmer that for hours and strain it. Use beef, pork, fish, or chicken bones to make other types of bone broth.

Make bread at home. You can make a slow-rising bread that doesn’t have added sugar or fat with some whole-wheat flour, yeast, and water.


Home Care: Make Sure Your Parents Have Help Shopping

When you’re not with your parents, do they have anyone helping them shop for healthy foods? With personal care at home, aides can join them on shopping trips, read the fine print to check for ingredients they need to avoid and help them carry in the groceries at home.

Call a home care agency to learn more about meal preparation and shopping assistance. Your parents don’t have to struggle with healthy eating when you’re not around.


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