Home Care: Is Compassion The Only Trait Family Caregivers Need?

Home Care: Your parents need help with medications, meals, and other activities of daily living.

You’re a compassionate person, so your brother feels you’ll be the best family caregiver. Is that really the only trait that’s needed to succeed in this role? Compassion is a great start, but even the most compassionate of family caregivers burn out. To be a successful family caregiver, you need to have several qualities and a little assistance from home care providers.


Home Care: Family Caregivers

Home Care: Family Caregivers

Patience Is Key

Helping your parents out takes patience. They’re not going to always be warm and welcoming when you’re pushing them to do things. You’re going to be reminding them to take medications, telling them when they need to see their doctor, and doing their housework.

You may have challenging days where they rebel. You end up parenting your parents. As they argue and resist, you need to have a lot of patience.


You Also Need to Be Stubborn When Needed

There are days when your parents push back against the things you want them to do. Sometimes, you can let it slide. If your mom doesn’t want to shower today but took a shower yesterday, it’s often okay to skip it.

When it’s critical, such as heart medications, you have to push them. You have to stand up to their resistance. Being stubborn will help you a lot. They’ll push back, but you can stand firm and ensure they’re getting the care they need.


Be Detailed and Organized

When your parents need your care, you need to make sure you’re not overlooking anything important. This means you have to be detailed and organized. You need to have to-do lists for each day, weekly tasks, and monthly ones.

If you’re organized and detailed, it’s going to be a lot easier to get everything done. Organize the tasks and have a timeline in mind to ensure you don’t run out of time.


Home Care: Make Sure They Know You Love Them

Most importantly, make sure your parents know you’re coming from a place of love. They may be upset that you have to help them. They may feel shame that they need to rely on you so much. As long as they know you love them unconditionally, it will all work out.


Home Care: Take Care Of Yourself, Too

Companion care at home is just as critical. As a family caregiver, you need to take breaks from time to time. You can help your mom and dad as often as possible, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your needs.

You need to socialize with friends, get your job done, or attend medical appointments. Don’t put off things of this nature. Take a break. Call an agency and ask about respite care services from a  home care aide.

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