Winter is already giving some people a sneak peek into the weather to come. In other areas, temperatures are dropping and giving hints into what’s soon to arrive. Before winter does come, there are five home care services to consider arranging for him.


Senior Care in Upper Darby PA: Winter Services to Arrange

Senior Care in Upper Darby PA: Winter Services to Arrange



Most older homes have the laundry room in the basement. Your dad may find the basement too cold in the winter. He could have caregivers take over the laundry. They can walk downstairs with the hamper or laundry basket, wash and dry everything, and bring it back upstairs to be folded.

Once the laundry is folded. Caregivers are also happy to put the items away in drawers and closets. That helps with organization and housework.


Meals and Groceries

Make sure your dad is eating well during the winter. With home care services, caregivers can make him a pot of stew, a pan of homemade soup, or a hot casserole. He’ll have hot meals without fuss as often as he wants.

Your dad can tell his caregiver what he likes to eat. Caregivers will help him plan a weekly menu, inventory kitchen supplies to see what’s needed and go to the grocery store to get things he is out of or doesn’t own.



Caregivers can stop by and help your dad clean his home. When the heating system is on and windows are sealed up, dust is more likely to build up. Caregivers can keep up with vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and mopping. They can also help with laundry, dishes, and cleaning counters, and other hard surfaces.



When your dad is stuck at home due to cold weather, ice, and snow, he may start feeling lonely. Caregivers offer companionship. Have them stop by each week, day, or every other week to keep your dad company and give him the chance to socialize with someone.

With companionship services, your dad also has caregivers to accompany him on walks outside. If it’s icy in spots, the caregiver can link arms with him to lower the risk of him slipping.



If your dad isn’t supposed to drive in dim lighting or has a hard time driving when the sun glares on snow, shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Have caregivers drive him to his appointments and take him to local businesses for shopping, banking, and other tasks.

Caregivers provide the help your dad needs to manage winter’s changes.  They can check-in and verify that his heat is working. They can pick up his prescription refills and groceries. Caregivers can join him on outdoor walks and drive him to appointments on snowy days. Call a home care specialist to schedule these and other services.


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