Jill never thought of herself as a dependent person. She took care of her husband, raised her kids, and even built a pretty decent career for herself. In her 80s, though, she was feeling the effects of age. She was slowing down.


Home Health Care in Upper Darby PA: Senior Care Assistance

Home Health Care in Upper Darby PA: Senior Care Assistance


It was becoming difficult for her to do a number of things that were — just a few short years ago — simple. She never had to think twice about her physical abilities or even safety, even though she had been living alone, widowed for more than 10 years.

She relied on a few friends and some neighbors for help every once in a while, but those were for basic things like taking out the garbage, going to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and so forth. She never thought much about assistance with these basic tasks of everyday life, mostly because they were considered more intimate matters.


She was having difficulty just taking a shower.


-Her legs were weaker. She had difficulty getting around as she did just a year ago. So, instead of asking for help or even considering the prospect of home care as an option, she simply avoided whatever tasks would be a bit too difficult.


-Her personal hygiene declined. She could live with that, or so she told herself. A birdbath, washing her face in the sink, and so forth were good alternatives for now. If she could get by with a simple shower once or twice a week, what was the harm in that?

When she began struggling to get dressed and even go to the bathroom on her own, worrying she might slip and fall each time, that’s when she started really worrying about her future.

She didn’t have family in the area, but when her adult children came out for a visit, she did her best to put on a strong front, but they began to see through the façade.


“Mom,” her adult daughter said, “why won’t you hire somebody to help?”

She was hesitant to even consider home care, not because she couldn’t afford it, but because she didn’t know very much about it. She assumed she would have to hire somebody for full-time care.


She found out part-time care is available.

Through a local home care agency, Jill discovered she could hire somebody for just a couple of hours in the mornings. That would be perfect. She got help out of bed, into the shower, getting dressed, and even with toileting every once in a while.

That part-time support made a world of difference for Jill.


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