Home Care Services: Transportation Options For Seniors Who Can’t Drive Any Longer

Home Care Services: It’s never easy to talk to your senior parent about driving, but there will come a time when it’s dangerous to your senior loved one and dangerous to other people for them to get behind the wheel.

When it’s time to talk about hanging up the keys for good and selling the car one of the biggest concerns that seniors have is how they will get around. Being able to drive means having the freedom to be independent and go shopping, run errands, visit friends and family, and get to appointments whenever they choose. Home Care Services could be an option for you now.


Home Care Services in Chester PA: Senior Transportation Options

Home Care Services in Chester PA: Senior Transportation Options


If you have a home care provider for your loved one the home care provider can help your senior arrange transportation for things like shopping or errands. You can reassure your senior loved one that they won’t lose their independence or their freedom by talking to them about these transportation alternatives for seniors:


One of the easiest options for seniors is ridesharing. The two largest ridesharing companies offer special options for seniors. You can set up an account for your senior loved one so that they don’t have to worry about carrying money. If they can use a smartphone they can summon a ride anytime they need one. If they can’t use the app you or their home care provider can call a ride. The senior option allows seniors or you to arrange a ride in advance for appointments like medical appointments and some rideshare drivers can accommodate medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers.

Transportation Companies

There are also transportation companies that specialize in transporting seniors. These companies can sometimes charge a lot of money but if your senior loved one is in a wheelchair they can accommodate wheelchairs or other adaptive devices. If your senior parent has an appointment and you can’t take them in your car because of the wheelchair you can schedule a ride with a transportation company and meet them at the doctor or at the appointment.

Car Pools 

You can also use neighborhood apps to find others in the neighborhood who want to carpool in order to share resources and company. If your senior loved one lives in an area where rideshares are not always available a neighborhood carpool can be a great option for seniors. It gives them the chance to socialize and go out with neighbors as well as get their errands or shopping done. There’s usually a small fee for each rider to help cover the costs of operation but it’s almost always less than a taxi or rideshare.

Home Care Services:  Local Ride Groups

Local home care services groups and church groups often have vans that they use to provide transportation for seniors and others who need transportation and can’t drive. These rides usually are free or very low cost and are offered as a way for the providers to give back to the community. So if you can’t always take your senior loved one where they need to go they have many options available. That should help them accept that they won’t lose their independence even if they can’t drive.


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