Dry eyes are a common problem for older adults.
It causes eyes to feel itchy and dry. Seniors may feel like their eyes are burning and they may appear red. The problem occurs when the glands that secrete tears to keep the eyes lubricated don’t work the way they should. They might not produce enough tears or the tears they produce may not be of sufficient quality to lubricate the eyes.


Home Care Services in Springfield PA: Senior Dry Eyes

Home Care Services in Springfield PA: Senior Dry Eyes


While it’s a good idea for seniors to see a doctor if they experience symptoms of dry eye, once they know what the problem is, there are many things they can do at home to relieve dry eye. Below are some suggestions to help your older family member with dry eyes.


Use Artificial Tears

There are many brands of artificial tears available over the counter. They come in different formulas and thicknesses. A doctor can recommend the right kind for your older family member. Artificial tears relieve some of the symptoms of dry eye, making the older adult more comfortable.

Artificial tears can be used a few times per day. A home care provider can remind your aging relative to use them when they are experiencing symptoms.


Apply a Warm Compress

Inflammation in the eyelid can block the tear ducts. Using a warm compress can relieve inflammation and help to remove clogged oils that cause blockages in the ducts.

A senior care provider can prepare a warm compress using a clean washcloth dampened using warm water. They can help the older adult to apply the compress and wet it multiple times to keep the cloth warm.


Stay Out of Drafts

Air blowing into the senior’s eyes can further irritate them. To prevent this from happening, it’s important for older adults to sit in places where fans and vents are not blowing on their faces.

A senior care provider can help the older adult to find places to sit where airflow will not irritate their eyes. They can also adjust fans and vents to blow away from your aging relative’s face.


Drink Plenty of Liquids

Staying hydrated can help with dry eyes because it can help the body to produce more tears. Older adults should not wait until they feel thirsty to drink water because they are likely already slightly dehydrated by then.

To prevent dehydration and help to relieve dry eyes, a senior care provider can make certain your older family member drinks plenty of water and other liquids throughout the day.


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