Is The Mediterranean Diet Good For Seniors?

May is Mediterranean Diet Month and it’s a super time for seniors and their families to learn about this way of eating and the many benefits it can have.  Over and over again doctors recommend both the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet for seniors because they have proven benefits, like helping to lower the risk of heart disease and the risk of dementia in seniors. The Mediterranean Diet is a healthy way of eating that is appropriate for almost all seniors. Although, seniors should always check with their doctors before starting a new diet. A home care services provider can help your senior not only buy the ingredients but help cook too.


Home Care Services Broomall PA: Mediterranean Diet

Home Care Services Broomall PA: Mediterranean Diet

What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is a way of eating that is primarily based on the way that people in Greece and the countries bordering it eat. This diet is based mostly on vegetables and fruits, healthy grains, and healthy fats like olive oil and nuts. There are also lean proteins incorporated into the meals on this diet. Dairy foods like eggs and yogurt are also included in this diet. Most of the dishes consist of vegetables with olive oil and seasoning. Vegetables are usually roasted or steamed and served with a healthy grain like rice or couscous and olive oil. One of the reasons why seniors may hesitate to try this diet is because the dishes can require a lot of preparation and a lot of seasoning.


Cooking Mediterranean Dishes

Even though the dishes require some cooking and usually several ingredients and seasonings the meals are tasty and are very healthy. Seniors can take advantage of home care assistance if they need help learning more about this way of eating or cooking Mediterranean dishes. Home care assistance can also provide people to help seniors shop for fresh vegetables two or three times each week. Shopping for fresh foods can be one of the more challenging parts of staying on this way of eating for seniors. Shopping, walking around the store, handling money, and getting and from the store with bags of food can be tough for seniors who don’t have help. But help is available from home care assistance.


The Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet

Sometimes it might seem to seniors that cooking Mediterranean dishes can be a hassle, especially if they are just cooking meals for themselves. But the benefits of the Mediterranean diet make those sacrifices once or twice a week worth it. Some of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet are:


Lower Mortality Rate

Staying on the Mediterranean diet can lower a senior’s mortality risk by 25%. That’s a huge reduction in risk that seniors can get just by eating Mediterranean dishes.


Better Heart Health

Eating according to the Mediterranean diet can also decrease seniors’ risk of heart disease. This diet is recommended by the American Heart Association for everyone, especially seniors over the age of 65.


Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult for seniors. Because many seniors can’t exercise that much because of their physical limitations changing their diet is often the best way for them to lose weight. Switching to a diet that is based on sensible grains and vegetables with only healthy fats and lean protein is a fantastic way for seniors to lose weight.


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