Summer might still feel a million miles away, that is going to be here before you realize it. If you have been supporting your elderly mother for a while, you could be worn out as a primary caregiver, so now is the time to begin making plans for your summer vacation or getaway.



Home Care Services in Media PA: Consider Senior Care

Home Care Services in Media PA: Consider Senior Care


Due to the pandemic we have all been enduring for over a year now, it might have been a long, long time since you had some much-needed downtime. Time alone. Time with your spouse and children. Or wherever you want to be and whoever you want to be with.

We all need these recharge moments. Summer vacation might be the only opportunity for you to do that. If you are planning on having your mother travel with you, which is certainly fine and within your right, you’ll also want to make sure she has adequate care and support ready to fill in when you’re not there.


Home care is a great senior care option.

More seniors prefer to age in place these days. That means home care is becoming an increasingly popular option among elderly men and women. For those who might depend on family and that family support system is going away for a week or two, turning to home care for temporary support is often the best choice.

But, it’s not the only choice.

Independent living or assisted living may also be an option.

While most assisted living facilities are focused on long-term care, you may find some independent communities that allow seniors to move in for a few weeks only.

You may also realize that your elderly mother wants to travel with you, but does that mean you have to stress and worry the entire vacation about her?

No. You may be able to find a home care aide who is willing to travel with you, too. Keep in mind, though, that you would be responsible for their travel expenses, lodging, food, and other basic needs.

Or, if you are planning to stay in the same place, such as a major city or vacation destination in the United States, there might be a home care agency operating there that can provide your mother care while you are all resting.


There are options available, but don’t wait. When it comes to the summertime and those much-needed vacations, demand can be high, which means finding quality senior care could be a little tougher, unless you start early and plan ahead.


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