When your senior’s vision changes, how she experiences the world around her also changes. That can mean that even in her home, where she’s most comfortable, it’s difficult to make out obstacles and to see what’s going on around her.


Home Health Care in Havertown PA: Senior Vision Tips

Home Health Care in Havertown PA: Senior Vision Tips


Contrasts Will Help

Contrasts are a huge help for someone who has trouble seeing clearly. Colors and patterns that contrast against each other allow your senior to pick out borders, edges, and other important safety factors. If much of your senior’s home blends together now, it might be a good idea to explore ways to add contrasts. Consider brightly colored tape for one way to create a contrast and it’s not as permanent as paint or some other solution.


Improving or Adding Lighting Helps, Too

Check the light situation in your senior’s home. If there aren’t enough lights, consider adding lamps or free-standing lighting fixtures. It’s a little more expensive to hire an electrician to wire in permanent fixtures, but that might be an option, too. Consider carefully what your senior does in each room and how much lighting would help. Dimmable light bulbs that allow her to control the light as she needs to can also help.


Natural Light Can Do More than You Think

Another option is to make as much use of natural lighting as possible, especially during the day. Of course, both privacy and heat can be a factor, especially in warmer weather. Privacy films on windows that face a busy street or sidewalk can give your senior natural light as well as a little more privacy. Window sheers can allow light in, but block some heat and offer a little bit of daytime privacy, too. Try a few different options to see what works best for her.


Anticipate and Reduce Glare

Glare is a downside with both natural light and artificial lighting. If lights and windows are placed in such a way that they reflect off of glass, picture frames, and anything else that is reflective it can create a problem for your senior. Even a television screen can reflect too much glare. Again, using window sheers and adjusting miniblinds and other window treatments to adjust for glare can all be helpful

With big changes, your elderly family member may find it helpful to have a few more hands-on deck. Senior care providers can make sure that her regular household tasks are handled and ensure that she has what she needs with a minimum of fuss and bother.


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