Home Care: Does Your Dad Need Mobility Equipment to Ensure His Safety?

Home Care: One out of four older adults falls each year.

Head injuries and bone fractures are the most common injuries. You worry about your dad. He’s getting clumsy. He often loses his balance on stairs or when standing up. Is it time to talk about mobility equipment? Hiring a home care agency can help keep your senior safe.


Home Care in Springfield PA: Senior Safety

Home Care in Springfield PA: Senior Safety


Canes and Walkers Aid His Movements

If your dad’s legs aren’t as strong as they used to be, a cane or walker is one of the first mobility devices you’ll hear his doctor mention. If he does need them, his home needs to be inspected for fall hazards. A walker can catch on door jams or frames. Widen doorways and level the floor so that a jam isn’t needed.

Get rid of clutter. The hallway’s carpet runner may look great, but it’s a fall hazard. Your dad’s cane or walker could catch on the edge and lead to a fall. If he doesn’t want to remove the rug, make sure it doesn’t have curved edges and apply non-slip backing to it.

Stair Lifts Help Him Get Between Floors

When your dad’s home is on two or more floors, the stairs may be difficult for him to navigate. Help him get up and down the stairs by having stairlifts professionally installed. If he needs to get to his bedroom, he can use the stairlift instead of risking a fall.

With a stairlift, he’s strapped into the seat, and the motorized pulley system brings the chair up the stairs. When he needs to go back down, he gets into the seat, buckles in, and uses the controls to go back down.

Make the Shower Safer

Make his shower safer by adding a shower seat. You can install a fold-down bamboo seat on the wall or invest in a removable one with suction feet to prevent slipping.

The shower also needs to have grab bars installed vertically and horizontally to support him as he moves around. Grab bars outside of the wall are also important.

Emotional Support Matters

Limited mobility impacts more than your dad’s safety. It’s going to affect him emotionally. He knows his body is changing and changing his independence. It can make him sad, angry, and depressed. He should have a supportive person with him to support his emotional health, too. He needs companion care.

Should your dad still be alone? You know he wants to stay in his home, but you worry about his safety. With home care, he ages at home, but you have peace of mind. Caregivers stop by and assist him as needed, and you don’t feel obligated to drop everything to be with him to prevent another fall.

Learn more about home care services and schedules. Call a home care agency and ask to talk about ambulation and mobility.


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