When you’re a caregiver, having a family dinner every night might feel like a challenge you can’t meet. Add to that the idea of having a bigger family gathering regularly and you might want to run away. But this really is possible for you to do and it can help your elderly family member to have something amazing to look forward to on a regular basis.


Elderly Care in Chester PA: Dinner with Your Senior

Elderly Care in Chester PA: Dinner with Your Senior


Talk to Everyone in the Family about What You’re Doing

If there are more people than just you and your senior involved in family dinners, talk to everyone. This might include not just immediate family members, but extended family, too. There might be one or two nights a week when you have more than just a few people over for dinner. Get everyone’s ideas about what they expect.


Plan for Healthy, Tasty Meals

Once you’ve let everyone know what you’re up to, it’s time to make a plan. Your senior’s dietary needs are important, of course, but you also want to make sure that these family dinners are tasty. That’s going to help everyone to eat up and to have a great time. Choose family favorite recipes, if you can, and if those aren’t as healthy as you’d like, adjust the recipes to account for dietary needs.


Set Your Plan in Motion

Do what you need to do to implement your plan. This is all going to move along much more readily if you line up some help, too. There might be some gatherings that are larger, and it might make sense to do some sort of potluck for those. You want to make these consistent. The whole idea of having family dinners, whether they’re big or small in nature, is that you’re doing this regularly and everyone is participating.


Keep Your Senior Involved

It’s a great idea to work with your senior on these ideas. Keep her involved in the planning process and find out if she wants to help with implementing any of the details. If your elderly family member has felt left out or isolated, this can help her to feel so much more included in family events. This may even bring back regular family events for your local family members.

Meals tend to bring people together, even if there are other things you’re all juggling as individuals. Consider how you can make this a reality for the people that you love.

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