Yards: Spring weather lures everyone outdoors.

So it should come as no surprise if your elderly mother or father wants to enjoy the sun in the comfort of their yards.

But the outdoors can present hazards that are not present indoors. Wet leaves, for instance, are a trip and fall hazard for the elderly. And falls need to be avoided because broken bones, especially in the hips and pelvis, take a long time to heal and often create other health complications in the elderly.

So seniors may want to avoid the physically demanding tasks of mowing, weeding, tree branch removal, and bushwhacking their yards.


Elderly Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Yards

Elderly Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Yards


There’s An App For That

Yourgreenpal.com is a new mobile application that enables users to find reliable lawn care pros nearby. The app’s founders say that yourgreenpal.com provides contactless lawn care. The hiring, scheduling and payment all take place on the app.

Yourgreenpal promises you can schedule a grass cut for tomorrow. The app’s vendors are vetted for reliability, and you can compare companies to get a good price. There may be limited services to very rural areas, however.

If your mother’s landscaping budget is really tight, consider contacting local universities to see if students are available to landscape their yards at reduced costs or on a volunteer basis. In some agricultural and horticultural programs, students get course credit for hours spent on gardening and growing.


Keep Yards and Gardens Low Maintenance

To preserve a beautiful yard, plant native flowers, and shrubs. These plants will come back year after year once established with no particular care. Many don’t even have to be watered. Ironweed, wild daisies, black-eyed Susans, and milkweed produce beautiful blossoms every spring and summer without having to be babied. These plants are also hosts to a range of butterflies.

Among the shrubs, serviceberries and wild cherries are good plants that don’t have to be coddled either. These low-maintenance small trees have the added advantage of attracting birds.

Grass can be surprisingly high maintenance and also easy to kill when it doesn’t get watered. The best landscaping for a senior with limited mobility might well be one with little to no grass.

Consider replacing grassy lawns with rubber mulch. Water flows down through the mulch and gets absorbed by the earth which can prevent flooding problems. Unlike natural mulch, rubber mulch won’t break down, possibly for centuries, so it may not have to be replaced in your mother’s lifetime.

Ideally, seniors have some kind of porch or sitting area right outside their homes and they don’t have to climb or descend stairs to enjoy the outdoors. Be sure this porch or other area has comfortable chairs that won’t absorb too much water during the rain.

Your elder care expert can be called upon to make recommendations for a low-maintenance lawn that your senior will enjoy. These elder care aides can also locate and schedule lawn maintenance and landscaping services for you.


Yards: Conclusion

Your senior will probably get the best satisfaction from a low-maintenance yard. Plant hardy natives that need minimal, if any, care. Keep the wet leaves out of your senior’s walkway, and make sure there are no tripping hazards between the house and the lawn chair. By following these easy guidelines, you can ensure that your senior enjoys spring days to the fullest.


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