Caregiving: Three Critical Challenges You May Face as a Caregiver for an Aging Parent

Caregiving: The moment you become a caregiver for an elderly parent, such as your mother, you will face challenges.

You may assume this could be an easy thing to do, especially since you have a wonderful relationship with her and live just down the street or one town over, but what many family caregivers overlook is just how difficult things can be with caregiving.


Caregiver in Bala Cynwyd PA: Caregiving

Caregiver in Bala Cynwyd PA: Caregiving


Many of these challenges don’t happen overnight. It might take a few weeks or a few months before you even begin noticing some of the symptoms or signs of them. You may not even think of them as challenges, but when they negatively impact your life, your health, your relationships, your career or job, your friendships, and so forth, they are challenges.

And challenges need to be overcome. The best way to overcome these challenges as a family caregiver is to turn to professional, experienced in-home care. That’s because home care is designed to support aging seniors and disabled adults, even when they are depending on family members first and foremost for their caregiving needs.

Now, about three of the critical challenges you may face that you need to consider, let’s look at them below.


1. You’re having difficulty sleeping.

This is actually quite common among family caregivers. It doesn’t generally happen overnight, but it builds over time. In the beginning, things were relatively simple. Maybe your mother only needed a little bit of help or this was after a major medical emergency, injuries, or surgery and she was fully dependent on you.
In time, though, you started wondering whether she was okay if she slipped if she was trying to get out of bed after you left, if you forgot something there, forgot to do something, and so forth.

In time, you find yourself struggling to sleep soundly at night. That means you will wake up groggy, run-down, and unfocused. This is a good sign that you are facing some challenges because of your work as a caregiver.


2. You are experiencing more anger and frustration.

Maybe in the past things didn’t frustrate you as easily as they are now. However, you are snapping at people at work, your spouse, partner, your own children, friends, and so forth, and it is completely out of character.
This challenge can make things even more difficult to deal with because of the guilt you will ultimately feel after incidences blow up.


3. You are missing out on life.

You feel guilty even thinking such things, but there are so many activities and events you have missed out on as you were caregiving, that you wonder how much longer you can take this. You wonder how much more you will miss out on, too.
You don’t have to feel guilty feeling this way. It is normal. And home care is the solution.


Caregiving Conclusion:

By relying on a home care aide for caregiving, even for part-time or just a couple of days a week, your mother or father or another elderly family member can still receive support and care while you enjoy life once again.


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