If you’ve been feeling hopeless in general or in relation to caregiving, that’s a sign that there are some big issues you need to address. Hopelessness can be a sign of depression and of burnout, and both of these are situations that can make caregiving impossible.


Caregiver in Havertown PA: Caregiver Hopelessness

Caregiver in Havertown PA: Caregiver Hopelessness



Talk to Someone You Care About

When you keep feelings like hopelessness to yourself, they just get bigger. The people that you love want to help you through whatever is causing you to feel hopeless, but they need to know what you’re experiencing and what you need. Isolation contributes to feeling hopeless, so reaching out to the people that you love can help you to start to find solutions.


Look for Ways to Reach Out to People Who Understand

The people you love may not fully understand what it’s like to be a caregiver and that can be frustrating for you and for them. Meeting other caregivers, particularly at caregiver support meetings, is a fantastic way to make new relationships with people who have been through what you’re going through right now. They may be able to offer you insight and advice that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.


Consider Therapy

If you’re still looking for a solution to how you’re feeling, you might need some deeper assistance. A therapist who has experience working with people who are caregivers can help you to understand your feelings. They can also offer you tools and solutions that can help you to deal with what’s causing the hopelessness. If you’re still trying to determine what’s behind those feelings, they can guide you.


Prioritize Taking Time Away from Caregiving

It’s entirely possible that you’re not taking the time away from being a caregiver that you really need to in order to maintain your mental health. You need to have time that is just yours, in which you do things that you enjoy doing. If you’re not doing this at all, then it’s no wonder you’re feeling more hopeless than you usually do. Taking advantage of respite care, especially with the help of senior care providers, can ensure your senior is cared for while you care for yourself.


Feelings of hopelessness, in particular, are not ones that you should ever try to ignore. It’s important to try to get to the bottom of what’s causing those feelings so that you can put solutions in place that help you to recover.


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