You might be wondering why your elderly loved one isn’t communicating as well as they used to. There could be many reasons for this issue. However, one of the primary causes might be hearing loss. There are millions of elderly people who experience hearing loss. You can learn more about the main signs of hearing loss. This can let you know if this is an issue your loved one might have.


Caregiver in Broomall PA: Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Caregiver in Broomall PA: Common Signs of Hearing Loss


Needing Things Repeated

Everyone needs things to be repeated from time to time. However, if you find that your elderly loved one needs things repeated often, they could be experiencing hearing loss. You can ask their elderly care providers if your loved one often asks for things to be repeated. If this is the case, you should schedule your elderly loved one a hearing exam.


Misunderstanding What is Said

Do you find that your elderly loved one is often misunderstanding what is said? You might notice that your loved one isn’t answering your questions correctly. They might say something in response to what you said that doesn’t make sense. If this is the case, they could be experiencing some level of hearing loss. You or their elderly care provider should get them scheduled for a hearing exam.



Has your elderly loved one been complaining a lot about others talking to quietly? Do they complain that their television isn’t loud enough, even when it is turned up all the way? If you or elderly care providers hear these complaints from your loved one, they could have some hearing loss.


Missing What is Said Entirely

If you are in a busy or loud place with your elderly loved one, do you find that they miss what you say entirely? Do they often seem to be ignoring you? If this is something that you notice, they might not be ignoring you at all. They could have hearing loss that is causing them not to even hear what you are saying. This is very common in people who have hearing loss. If there is background noise, it can affect their hearing during conversations.



These are some of the most common signs of hearing loss in the elderly. If you or a senior care provider notices these signs in your loved one, be sure to schedule them a hearing exam. It is important to find out the degree of your elderly loved one’s hearing loss as soon as possible.


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